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What does your TCS name mean?

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I'm always intruiged when I come across an unusual name in the forums. How about letting us know how you came up with them? I'll start.

Kumbulu (Tania) - Kumbulu means 'remember' in Zulu. It's a tribute to the time I spent in Africa.
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Being so creative, I went with the first inital of my first name, smushed into my last name = JGaruba.
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I did that too! My first initial kind of paired with my last name....very unique, huh??
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I know this one is a stretch, but I am Luv Those Paws because, well...big shocker coming , I love kitty paws. They are so cute, and sweet, and soft. I just love them. My poor cats have it made, I kiss their feet all the time .
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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I wrote a novel about vampires. The main character in that novel is Valan, whose name I got from some obscure non-fiction vampire book. I'm still getting motivated enough to re-vamp (no pun intended, but it works so well ) the novel, but I still love the name and the character.

So my name is Valan, my character, + HB, my initials.
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Oh Jamie, that is sooooo sweet!
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I'm unimaginative:okeefe last name, cl initials.
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wibbles just come from my amazing a bility to wibble constantly about odd things
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No big mystery here.
A very long time ago, when I had the time to play flight simulator games, my name as a pilot was Lady Hawk.
I now use it as my Tag for web page designs.
Tish +6
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Lhezzza = a unique way to spell my first name Lizza (pronounced Lisa)

I've been using this screenname for about 10 yrs (for everything I sign up for)
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I'm so NOT creative, that's why I chose Kitty & Casper, the names of my cats
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LOL mate, they're great names, though.
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bren.1 is what I use for my email, I wanted to be able to remember my sign in.

bren is short for Brenda. I don't remember why I picked .1, probably needed something other than bren.
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The Dreaded Tum is our Rum Tum Tugger's nickname. He'd just tried to "kill" the sweet new dog living next door by leaping at her through the window screen, so he was on my mind when I signed up.
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Deb is (duh) my name. How's that for unimaginative? The 25 comes from 3rd grade. That year the teacher assigned everyone in the class a number, and mine was 25. It's been my favorite number ever since.
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Jeff24Girl is...I am a HUGE Jeff Gordon fan...and his car number is 24. Jeff24girl is my sign in for everything, my email addy, my AIM ID, my computer name, etc...has been for years.

And please take note of my accomplishment...200 posts!

What a blabbermouth!! :laughing2 :laughing2
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Read and pronounced properly, mine is "Cat Lady". Someone once mistook "katl8e" for "cattle80", though.
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"Fuzzy" is a nickname I have had since 10th grade (so thats almost 20 years), and # 317 was my number when I used to race motorcycles.

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Cool! I'd love to hear more about the motorcyle racing!
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Originally posted by Deb25

Cool! I'd love to hear more about the motorcyle racing!
This is the group I raced with, they also have a bbs, just let me warn you, the discussions on that board are sometimes rated PG.

WERA Motorcycle Roadracing

I raced with them 94, 95, and part of 96 and 98. After my last crash (that involved broken arm, broken collar bone, crushed vertebrae), I decided to retire.
I am now working as part of the safety crew, as a corner marshal or as crash truck driver.
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Thanks for the link. LOL! I think I can take it!

And now back to your regularly scheduled TCS name thread....
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jugen is: a nickname I used to call my Siamese firepoint Zen.
When he died, I use that name for everything. That way he'll always be in my heart and mind.
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Quote:"wibbles just come from my amazing a bility to wibble constantly about odd things"

cute name, but what does it mean to "wibble"???
kinda reminds me of Weebles...

anyway, PurrSita is the name i gave a kitten my daughter and i adopted. (Sita is actually the name of a Hindu goddess, my other cat,Kali, is also named for a Hindu goddess- i converted to Hinduism about 5 years ago)

not too imaginative, i guess, but it is also my ebay member id, and on of my email addresses.... so it's easy to remember.

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Originally posted by katl8e
Read and pronounced properly, mine is "Cat Lady". Someone once mistook "katl8e" for "cattle80", though.

OMG!!!! Do I feel like a DUMMY!!!!! Count me in as one of those people who thought it looked like cattle80!!! I kept wondering why you would have that name, but thought it had some hidden meaning!!! I don't know why on earth I didn't see it as Cat Lady...it's so plain to see now that I know!!!

Fuzzy.....that is so COOL that you raced motorcycles!!!! Sorry to hear about your accident though!

Well I have to be the most unimaginitive one here. My name of course is really Debby. :tounge2:

This is a great thread!!! I have learned alot! For example, I had no idea why you added the 25 to your name Deb....I thought maybe that was the age you wished you were!!! :laughing:
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Well, I made Bodlover from one of my cats names - Boddington, he's my special baby so I always use his name.....

Exciting eh??
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Bod - have you got a cat called Malibu too? Also is Murphey named after Murphy's stout?

Are you trying to tell us something here . . . - only joking!!!

Yola is, funnily enough my name. My 'proper' name is Yolanta, but I HATE that - because it was only used at home when I'd done something truly baaaad as a kid. It also sounds like I ought to be wearing a pink tu-tu and pirhouetting all over the place. And I'm definitely NOT the fluffy type.

A real bitch of a name to have at school when everyone else was called Kerry, Sarah or Jane.
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My user name comes from finnish words katti(=cat) and minttu(=mint)
I twisted those words and it became Katmintti!You see:catmint-catnip.
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Ady was my nickname growing up (pronounced like the letters A.D.) I had a friend who uset to call me lemonady. Marie is my middle name. It seemed to fit well together.
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Yola..... no I don't have any pets named Malibu... but its good enough reson to get another pet now!!! haha!! Actually, y'know we didn't even try to name Murphey and Rye along alcoholic lines.. it just happened that way!!! (now, what does THAT tell you!?!?!? :laughing: )

And Yola is a cool name, I always liked having a name no-one else had.....
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Ooops. That gives it away a bit doesn't it!

Maybe it's me reading alcoholic titles into your pet names (what about Rye whisky . . .)

Oh darn! There I go again . . .

Having 'grown up' a bit, it is cool having a different name but at the age of eight or nine, you just want to blend in. I was very tall and skinny as a kid too, much taller than other girls in my class so I stood out in more way than one.

Adymarie - I think that is a lovely name in itself, even though it's a combination of your two names.

Cindy - I also think I must be thick. I looked and looked at your TCS name - but I didn't even get as far as Cattle80, I kept reading it as Katie with and 8 in the middle. Huh?!?
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