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Ever read Clan of The Cavebear or 11,000 years lost.

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I've finished these books and their great for my story ideas and imaganation
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I read all of the Jean Auel books in the Earth's Children series several years back. They were great! Are you going to write something similar?
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Never heard of 11,000 years lost, but I LOVED the Earth Children series very much!
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I might, Legond of Beardago is the first one of my series, Followed by Rivers of Rightage. First one. ( Kaban,(18 or 19, on his manhood quest to drive away the shaving demons which are terroring the clans, takes his sister Sala, 7 or 8, away from her clan. Her mother commmited a horrble crime and was driven out and only Rakiki(Kabans mother) and Kaban see her as human. The rest of the tribe sees her as an evil spirit. Together they joureny to a new tribe, The Stone Pine Clan, Kaban wants to give her to them so that her life may be better but he keeps it inside hoping Sala wont be angry at him. On the way meeting vast herds of Mammoth, Arouch, Bision and Giant deer. The land is filled with game but with only one hunter who still isnt very good, life is a struggle even in summer. Sala almost gets killed by a Cave Lioness, female leader of the pride of about seven lionesses. They were walking through a small herd of forest bison and were surprized by lions. Her brother warns her though to stay still and she obeys him.

Later Sala is told by Kaban that she needs to go to another people. That living with him is dangerous and unrealistic. She gets angry and rebels thinking that he doesnt care about her. Sala runs off into the prehistoric wilderness alone, wondering for miles in a burned forest before going into a stump to raid a bees nest for food. Cannibals find her unconious, their leader Kugon wants to fatten her up so they take her to their camop abandoning their quest for mammoth meat. They create a wooden cage for the child and throw her inside before putting lots of food in the bars. Dazed and weakened by hunger she eats the meat and plants they give. Kugon and his people are mammoth hunters as well as cannibals, the other clans in the area are trying to be rid of them so they must move camp often in order to stay out of danger. Sala frightened tried to break her way out but the bars are too strong, she recovers and begins to pack on weight. Then one night a cave bear 7 feet high at the shoulder smashes the bars trying to reach her she survives that terrorfing incounter only because the bear has seen the tribe gathering out by their leader holding spears. He wildly charges into the camp leaving Sala to run off into the surrounding forest. After bringing down another victim the clan scatters wildly and abandons the site..

Kaban and Sala find each other edventually. By this time she is living with Ladumia shaman of the stone pine clan. Some hunters looking for fresh meat for the Beard festivals found a pack of cave hyenas feeding on a freshing brought down carcass. They are horrorfied when they see that its a child dying from a neck wound. They scare off the pack killing one Hyena. The hunters bering her to their healer and she is saved by her. Later Sala is adopted into the Stone Pine Clan. In the ending Sala has to make a heartbreaking choice and Mudo is thankful for her maturity and so gives her the essence of Aba. She can grow a huge beard, scared to her people. I will tell more of the second story later on. How do you guys like it?
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