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I am so sorry. I havn't been here for that long but my heart sank when I saw this post. I dont know what else to say
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Oh my god, I am so sorry - I just got home from work and read this.

I am in shock.

May you rest in peace Amber.

John - I wish you all the best for being the baby's dad - anyone can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a dad.
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I certainly never expected to see news like this when i got to the office this morning.

I'm so very sorry for your loss
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John, you are a GREAT man!!! Amber knew that and she also knew that you would make the perfect Dad for Kaelyn.Don't ever second guess your abilities to raise her.
Don't feel that you SHOULD have COULD have done anything either.None of us know when our time is going to be over.All we can do is love those around us to the best of our abilities and be happy.
YOU are what made Amber happy.You and the baby.
She's in Heaven now and will watch over you and Kaelyn.With her as a Guardian Angel, you and Kaelyn will be protected.
I am praying that Stan stays out of the picture and you are the one to raise Kaelyn.
You have my number, call ANYTIME!!! Or you can PM me too.
Hug that precious little girl for me.I wish I was there to wrap my arms around you also.HUGS!!!
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I've only just seen this. I am so so sorry, and so upset and shocked. Amber was loved by so many, and will be badly missed. My heart goes out to you and Kaelyn and her family, I can't imagine the pain that you all must be feeling right now.

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I'm so sorry to read this news this morning My condolences to Amber's family and friends.
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She is only my age, she didnt deserve it!
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
She is only my age, she didnt deserve it!
Nobody does sweetheart We will all miss her dearly. I am sure she is watching over all of us right now.
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I am shuddering all over from reading this. I can't believe it, and I am sure you can't yet either, John. One doesn't think this kind of thing can happen today, with all the medical advances we have. Sometimes Nature just brings us up short and there is nothing we can do. I am so sorry for you and for Amber's family. I know that she was so happy she found you, a little worried at first because she could not believe how good you were, and you proved yourself to her over and over. There was nothing but happiness ahead for you both, and for little Lava Girl. Kaelyn is lucky to have you and I know you will be a wonderful Dad to her, with the support of Amber's family. You may need to be very strong in the coming months if Stan tries anything, but knowing the background and your character, I am sure you will win through. My heartfelt condolences.
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I can't believe it. I can't believe it. I can't believe it.

Please accept my condolences. I wish you and Kaelyn a happy, fun filled future on your little farm with the cats, dogs, and goats.
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What a tragic end to such a promising life. Again, I'm so sorry for your loss. And I hope everything works out the way it is supposed to for that precious little girl.
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John, my thoughts and prayers are with you, Amber's family and baby Kaelyn. Amber had such a good heart and sweet soul and will be remembered with love.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
John, I cannot imagine how difficult it must've been for you to post that. Hindisght is 20/20. I really hope you get custody of Kaelyn, you will be a wonderful father! And please, don't leave us. We lost Amber, we don't want to loose you & Kaelyn, too.

Amber, please know we all loved you!
Yeah, what she said!

John thank you for sharing with us. You, Kaelyn, and Amber's family have been in my thoughts constantly since I read this. I believe you already ARE Kaelyn's Daddy! I pray things are swiftly settled.
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Originally Posted by CatlessGoatMan View Post
Thanks Amber's family wants me to have Kaelyn because they know thats what Amber wanted. Aparently she had talked to her mom about it already. She told her mom that she wanted me to be the one to raise her if she couldnt herself. Her mom is such a sweetheart and is trying to help me out all she can but she's in worse shape then I am right now. The ones Im worried about is Stans family and Stan causing problems.
John you are going to be the BEST father there is! I suggest contacting an attorney once everything is settled down.
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John, my deepest condolences..........I'm soo soo sorry to read this thread.
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omg i am so so sorry to hear this, my thoughts and prayers are with you guys. i am just in shock. i dont even know what more to say other than my deepest sympthys to yawl
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Oh John! Iccan't offer anything but my condolances and support. Amber was a sweet girl. I know you will be a great father for Kaelyn.
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Wow, I just read through this post and I am in shock. I cannot believe that she is gone...just the other day she was telling me how she was anxiusly waiting the birth of Lava Girl. She was worried about getting back into shape and she was so excited because she wanted to breastfeed her baby girl.

I am sure Amber is looking down on Lava Girl and her wonderful Daddy. Please take care of yourself, Lava Girl needs you now more than ever.
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I am so sorry for you. Prayers and vibes go out to you and Lava Girl.

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Oh my god, John. I am so sorry I can't believe this happened.
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I am so sorry for your loss, John, I am in shock. You will be a wonderful father to that little girl, I am just so sorry! Amber was an amazing person, we have all lost a wonderful friend
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My deepest condolences, John. What a tragedy.
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I'm very sorry for your loss.
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I'm so sorry about Amber. I didn't really know her... or you... but what a terrible loss. I'll be thinking of you and you little girl.
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John, thank you for sharing the details with us. All of it does sound so much like Amber. She always worried about being a bother when she was so sweet and never could be. Prayers to give you strength to carry on through these very trying times.
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John - I am in shock as well just reading through this thread. My deepest heart felt condolences to you and your family. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.
Bless your heart and bless your famly. You will be a wonderful father and Amber will be very proud of you as she watches over her family.
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My condolences to you and Amber's family.
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what a shock! i haven't had a chance to read anything but your first post - but to you from all of us! know we're all here for you, whenever you're ready...
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John I'm so sorry. I just got to work and I'm crying. You and Kaelyn will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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I'm sooo sorry John... I'm in total shock.. I just read this and I'm numb...

I'm sooo sorry for your loss...
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