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Does canned food help with hairballs??

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Just wondering because out of my 5 cats I had two that would do the whole "hacking" thing on occasion and 2 that use to throw up every now and then as well. Since I've added the canned food to their diets I have not had a single pile of to clean up and have heard none of them hacking.
Am just curious.
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Sorta ... If you get some with oat bran or a like bran it will assist in moving hairballs down the line
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also you could try the kitty laxatives too
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mix a teaspoon of canned pumpkin in with the wet food. That will really help. Or try feeding pumpkin straight. Many cats really like it. It's high fiber, has lot of vitamins, helps with stools and hairballs.
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I don't think canned food helps in all the cases. Damita is on Rx SD d/d for allergies/urine pH & she has the same number of hairballs as she did before. I have to force hairball meds into her.
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I put a dab of vaseline on the their noses they lick it off and it helps. I should brush more too though!!
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Hmmmmm,.......lots of hairball suggestions here. I might have to try a few if I see them struggling again, but I haven't seen or heard anything since I started feeding this food. maybe it has helped in some way. Although - the whole canned pumpkin things sounds good!

As I said in another post - end this month is the month for all 5 to hit the vets, so I'll talk to him about it too. I know - $$$$$, but I'd rather have them all on the same schedule. 2 were due right before Christmas, one is on the 3 year shot schedule, but I want a wellness exam because of her age, another one is due in April and another in May. Bringing them a month early for shots isn't bad is it?? Or should is it better to let them pass their vaccination date and go late instead? I really want all 5 on the same schedule.
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I switched to an indoor formula catfood, the hairballs and puking have all but disappeared.
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