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Kitten Diarreah & loss of color

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I’m having terrible problems and I sure hope someone can help me. This post is going to be rather lengthy, so please forgive me. I have two Siamese brothers that are 10 months old. One of them, Gizmo, has had diarrhea since I got him last January. We have been to numerous vets and tried all sorts of meds. He’s been tested for all the parasites like giardia and coccidia and all tests have been negative. He’s been wormed three times and we’ve tried all sorts of different diets and currently he and his brother are on Hills W/D.
He had an endoscope about 3 weeks ago, which showed inflammatory bowel disease. He’s been put on Prednizone 5 mg twice a day and Metronidizole and it hasn’t helped yet. There’s a new problem that has cropped up as well; he has lost color in his lips, paw pads, and nose. These areas are supposed to be dark brown, but have now turned turn a very light pink color. This problem started with his nose before the endoscope, so I don’t think it’s related to medications. Does anyone know what could cause this loss of color? My vet said that it’s a pigmentation problem, but he was fine until about a month ago. I’m very worried about my little fella and don’t really know what to do next. Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated!
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I have never heard of a siamese loosing color in these areas for any reason. I wouldnt imagine that it has anything to do with the medications though. It may help to contact the breeder or a breed association to see if someone has heard of this happening within the breed.
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Take your cat to another Vet as soon as possible. No matter how much you love your Vet, there have been horror stories on this site. Some involved Vets that were well thought of. It's like if you were very sick. If your Doctor wasn't helping you, you would seek a second opinion. It need be no offense to your Vet. It is a safeguard for your loved one.

Sending prayers.

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