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Awesome Website

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Nial, you have ONE AWESOME WEBSITE! One of the most impressive I've seen.

You may have me almost convienced to get one of your pets sometime in the future. I love all the colors - one's prettier then the next

Hard to imagine another bengal being put over yours. I'm serious too - looking at it as a show person
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I really appreciate those comments...thanks so much!
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I saw an ad for your cattery in a cat magazine I have. It was weird because I felt like I could say, "I know her!!" Well, sort of... but anyway, I do like the new look and the new site!

I am in love with the "snow" Bengals... are they registerable and showable, or just registerable?
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I like them all - too many to pick from
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I've looked at your sit emore than once and if I ever decide that I need a bengal in my life (I know they are pretty high energy) then I'll definatly be coming to you, Nial.
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