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A hell of a day!!!*vent* Vibes urgently needed!

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-a very long post, sorry everyone-

Dear me, what a day this has been!
Should have stayed in bed in the first place, but i didn't...

It started with the huge stress of accompanying my fiancé to hospital to have his eyes checked cause he's been having trouble with his right eye for more than 3 weeks now (he hardly sees anything and the little he can see with that eye is nothing but blue ), so off we went this morning at 6.45 - help! - and prepared to be back home some time in the afternoon.
No way...after he had seen the umpteenth ophtalmologist at the hospital, they told us he'd have to undergo additional diagnosis including a ct scan:-O, checking the liquid in his spine*ouch* and a heap of stuff that i forgot in the rush of the morning. Anyway, to do so he'd have to stay for a few days there - he isn't exactly a hospital lover - and me and SIL should bring him some clothes, toothbrush etc.

By the time me and her had come home, it was 3 pm and I was tired to death cause this whole eye trouble story had had me freaking out or pretty close to that. As I packed his stuff, his mom kept asking where he was, what I had done to him and that unnerved me more. She's nearly 80 and recently has started to show some pretty severe hallucinations, seeing/hearing burglars and other mean people where nobody is, so that was another hit below the belt.

Eventually SIL got back (with my fave niece in tow), we drove back to the hospital, gave my honey his stuff and headed back home for a quiet, relaxing evening - or so we thought.

I had just arrived and was ready to drop out with exhaustion when the phone rang - a coworker of my fiancé's who couldn't believe he was indeed in hospital. I had barely hung up when it rang again - another coworker, same questions, same answers. Decided to warm myself a can of soup (had gone hungry for the last 10 hours:-O) and watch tv to calm down a bit.

Instead, MIL called from downstairs that i should come and fix her phone. Turns out she a) was mistaking the tv remote for her cordless phone and b) had somehow managed to totally turn off the real phone so no amount of charging, re-booting etc. could get that phone to work again. Eventually I gave her ours so she could call SIL and tell her what to buy tomorrow.

Finally it was time for soup - I had just eaten a spoonful when I heard horrible screaming and loud crying from downstairs. Scared that MIL might have tripped and broken her leg or such a thing, I ran to her and there she stood in the hallway, in her morning gown, crying like a frightened child and she obviously was scared to death. "There's someone in your flat, I've seen him run upstairs!" she screamed and sobbed. Well, of course there was nobody or I would have seen that person and I tried my best to calm her with that argument, but she insisted there was a burglar/rapist/gangster... running just behind me. As I tried to explain that there *really was nobody*, she suddenly screamed even louder and shrieked that the nasty man was hiding outside the front door, "see, he's just turned on the lights out there", was all she could say.
It was impossible to make her understand that it was *herself* who had turned on those lights and that, again, there wasn't a soul in- or outside the house who didn't belong there.

By the time I got to continue my dinner it was somewhere around 9.30 pm and I must admit I locked the appt. door to make sure she wouldn't come running upstairs in the middle of the night as she has done before.

Now I keep seeing this tiny frail woman crying in agony on her doorstep and even though I called SIL immediately to relieve the stress, that picture is haunting me...creepy situation

I just hope I can get a full night's sleep after this turmoil...need it badly!!!!!

Thanks for your patience and the opportunity to unload some of my stress here...feels better!
See you and good night everyone
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Phew! Sounds like you need a . Hope you get a restful night, a solid breakfast in the morning, and the your fiance's health improves quickly!
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What an awful day, hope tomorrow is better. My late MIL had Senile Dementia and used to 'see' things and get frightened by the strange men in the TV.
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Unload all you want. That's what we're here for, right.

Wishing you pleasant dreams and a much better day tomorrow. Hope all goes well with your fiance and MIL. Take care.
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What an awful day for all of you. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
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I'm sorry you had an awful day. Here's a hug.

Sending your fiancé lots of get well soon vibes.
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oh gosh, what a stressful day! hope your fiance is a-ok! sounds like you need some tea with a little something else splashed in
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Holy cow! At least that day is over, right? It sounds like your finance is being taken care of and is being checked thoroughly. At least when you know what the problem is, you guys can tackle it.

Maybe you could put a message on your answering machine that gives a quick, general update about his condition so you don't have to keep repeating yourself (that's exhausting).

Hope things work out well, sending good thoughts your way. Keep us posted about his condition!

Cheers, from
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Wow, what a day that is! Hopefully you're feeling better now that it's over!
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Honey, what you need right now is a BLT and vodka club sandwich, and coke and vodka, a steaming warm vodka shower, don't forget the vodka powering and to top it all off.....a vodka collins. See you in a day or so.
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Aw honey - I hope you can relax the rest of the night and get a good nights sleep. Sounds like you really need it. Vibes for your hubby and for your MIL too. Poor thing.
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I'm so sorry you had such a tough day. Sending vibes for you, hubby and your MIL that tomorrow will be a more peaceful day.
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Originally Posted by KittenKiya View Post
Honey, what you need right now is a BLT and vodka club sandwich, and coke and vodka, a steaming warm vodka shower, don't forget the vodka powering and to top it all off.....a vodka collins. See you in a day or so.

At least that would relax her some.

I am sorry you had such a horrible day, I am sending some hugs for you from Mississippi and I do hope that tomorrow is a better day.

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Oh no.... so sad situation....

)))))))))))))))))))))))) (((((((((((((((((((((((((

Sending good vibes,...
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Thanks everyone for your support!
I've managed to get some sleep and with some tea (no, I didn't spike it up, although I felt like doing so ) and breakfast this morning life looks a bit better, thank God.
In a little while my fiancé's best friend is coming to pick me up and we'll both go and visit him. After he had a computer tomographic scan this morning he called me to tell that they're almost 100% sure he "only" has an inflammation of the optical nerve Besides a few days of rest will do him good, no household chores, no cats - Laura keeps him from sleeping at night since she usually bites his toes and stretches herself out so that she leaves no more than a foot of the bed to us - and no mother, I guess he'll get lots of sleep that way, hehe.
Once again, thank you all very much, it's absolutely relieving to know I'm not alone with this
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Boyoboyoboy you DO have broad shoulders to be taking that on! I hope you get a little time to yourself. Being there for other people who are going through those kind of health problems takes so much out of you. Any chance you could get away for a walk in the park at least?
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