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Does your cat

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try to get the mouse pointer off of the computer screen?
lol Blue was just chasing it.. pawing at it- too cute! If she does it again I'll have to get a pic
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Most of the time yes Their funny little things when they do it aren't they
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Originally Posted by Tricias_petz View Post
try to get the mouse pointer off of the computer screen?
lol Blue was just chasing it.. pawing at it- too cute! If she does it again I'll have to get a pic
All the time.. My cats make it a permit spot for them to go.. Straight in front of the monitor when I'm on the computer.. I dont' know why.. They sit there and bat at the mouse pointer.. It's quite hilarious to be honest..

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Yes! Tinkerbell is doing that right now.
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Paisley bats at it, and when she gets real frustrated, she tries to bite it!!
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Mine press thier noses against the screen and attempt to get the pointer. My pointer is animated (a string of multicolored arrows) so even if I'm not moving the mouse, they try and get the pointer. It was funny when I had my old moniter, but now with this flatscreen, I don't let them do it if they start getting too overly excited.
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Ours won't go after it, but they do stare at it whenever we have the laptops on our laps!
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No, they are NOT allowed near the monitor as I have LCD which is very sensitive to any pressure on it while on.

When I used CRT monitors, yes, they would try, a few even bonked their heads.
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yes. she also likes to chase the tennis ball when my husband watches tennis on tv
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LOL! I guess this is fairly common then, and I thought manytoes was being funny!
usually he does this while standing ontop of my keyboard, completely preventing me from doing anything on the computer except play with him
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Gracie does it all the time.

Mason plays pinball on the computer endlessly and Gracie is always there on his lap doing her best to catch the ball of eat the flippers!
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YES! And it drives me crazy because then I can't see the computer screen.
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OMG Ben does this everyday to me. He started this past weekend. I spend so much time cleaning my screen. I have to shut the monitor off at night.
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Squee loves the cursor! She'll sit on the keyboard, blocking my view of the screen and just STARE at it. Weird girl. Scratch hasn't been too interested in the cursor.
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Noodles is the only one who pays any attention here, but my mother's cat Pumpkin used to spend hours staring at the computer and gently pawing for the mouse. He was so funny with how gentle he'd be. I'll have to see if we can get him to do that now so I can video it. He was a tiny kitten when we got him so it was hard to not let him on the desk, but now he really isn't supposed to be up there....I might have to sneak when Mom isn't looking!
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