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Massive Shedder

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Miki is a big shedder. She is a shorthair and when I pet her, a lot of hair comes away into my hand. Its like its raining hair with each stroke. I changed thier food a long time ago to Nutro. They eat only dry food at this point and I'll occasionally feed them wet Nutro. They get a treat (or two) a day. Anything I can do for the shedding. I'd comb her everyday, but she hates being groomed and doesn't like to sit still for it.
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You could try and buy one of those pet grooming mitts. It looks like an oven mitt but it has plastic things on it that will remove the hair, that way it will feel like she is getting petted but she's really getting brushed
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Hmm, I guess that could work. I must mention though that Miki is a very skittish cat. She doesn't like new things. I guess I'd have to get her used to it first.
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Torties usually are, how funny. Well does she like catnip? You can rub some catnip on it and maybe just let her smell it or leave it laying around for a couple days before you actually start to use it, that way she might not be as afraid of it.
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I've only tried catnip on Miki once before. I had a plant of catnip and she would actually ignore it. I put a leaf to her nose once and she gave it a sniff, walked away and went to sleep. Completely uninterested in catnip. I'm growing catnip from seed upstairs and once I get a good plant going, I'm going to see if the kitties like it. I've never exposed Tyran to catnip, so I wouldn't know how she reacts.
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Can you add some fish oil to there food???
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We have a massive shedder too! She's a shorthair cat but her fur is so thick and plush. Even with good food and regular brushing she sheds quite a bit.
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I was going to recommend Zoom Groom. If your cat is nervous with new things, leave them out. I leave brushes and new cat things, like the nail clippers, the battery operated hand held fur clippers, etc right out on one of the cat trees so they are familar with it all when I go to use it. Same with cat carriers. My cats will even sleep in them sometimes. One of my cats will stay in the carrier all day long if she was given the choice.
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Yea, Tyran loves to get into her carrier all the time. Where can I find fish oil?
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I'd try the Zoom Groom. Harley sheds a bit, but once I started using this on him, its really stopped a lot. If they are nervous around new things, I'd leave it out for them to sniff and see that its nothing to be worried about! Harley was freaked out about it at first too, but I left it on the table for a day before using it, and he was totally open to me using it on him... since he approved it, of course

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Soka View Post
Yea, Tyran loves to get into her carrier all the time. Where can I find fish oil?
I get it at the health food store as the pet store carring the same product at 10 bucks more...
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I'll check the health food store. We used to put raw eggs in with our rottwieler's food when we had him and it did wonders for his coat and skin.
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