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Loco has no place to go- I'm heartsick

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All of my kitties have been successfully rehomed in the last few weeks except my sweet boy Loco. We're moving this coming weekend and he can't come with us- I called all the local shelters and even some that are very far away and they're all telling me the same thing. They're full, or over-full and will put him down if I bring him in

I'm at a loss- I don't want my sweet baby to be put down. I've called every relative I know and put up ads evrywhere and so far no luck. The one slim hope I'm clinging to is one shelter thats no-kill, and is about 2 hours from here, is trying to find him a foster home. They told me that they are listing him under emergency status for finding a home and will contact me as soon as they find out anything.

I'm just SO broken hearted over this. Its been so difficult giving up my babies to new homes as it is. Please send good thoughts and prayers out to Loco, so he can find the perfect home. I love him so much, and this is just killing me Its crunch time here, and theres no light at the end of the tunnel yet.
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I'm sorry Melissa. I hope he finds a new home quickly.
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Melissa, I will pray that the no kill shelter finds Loco a home in time!!!! This must be very hard for you to have to give all your cats up, but to think one might have to be put down is just awful!!! I hope something works out for him!!! I will keep you in my thoughts! Please keep us posted!!!! It's too bad I don't live close to you, I would take him for you.
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Your post made me want to cry. Sending up all my positive energy for you and Loco. I hope the foster home comes through for him.
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Melissa, is there anyone on TCS that could foster him until a place becomes availabe at the no-kill shelter? I would do it in an instant if I wasn't on the other side of the world.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Loco. I didn't realize you had to give up your kitties. It's been a long time since you were on IM! There isn't anyway you can keep him? I guess probably not because if you could, you would.

Good thoughts coming from MD.
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Hey there Colby It has been a long time. I have had to give them up due to allergies in both my son and hubby- and the landlord in the house we're moving to said no more than one cat since the last tenants had several and left the place smelling like cat pee

I'm able to keep Onyx since one kitty in a big house shouldn't be too bad as far as dander control, but my little Loco has to go

Tania - I live in southern Nova Scotia, Canada and most of our members here are from the US. I wish some of them lived closer because I know Loco would be in good hands with any of them

On a bit of an up side, I spoke to my nephew earlier and he and his girlfriend may be able to foster him until the no-kill shelter has some room. Shes supposed to call me back tonight to let me know- fingers crossed....
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*fingers crossed*
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*fingers crossed*...*toes crossed*...

Jedi's paws are crossed too!

I hope that they are able to take Loco until a permanent home comes along. I wish I could blink my eyes and fly myself to Canada and take that baby home with me. Jedi would LOVE a playmate!!!

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please keep us posted.
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I hope you are ahble to find a home for him. I didn't know you were moving until I read this post ......... Are you moving to a bigger home?
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Tigger- Yes, we're moving to a bigger house, since my kids share a bedroom right now and are getting to the age where they need their privacy.

So far, nothing has come through. Today I'm going to call some shelters that are farther away from here to see what I can come up with. None of the relatives I called will agree to take him, even for a little while

I have at most 5 days to find something- this is really sapping the joy out of this move for me...
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Melissa, I am down in Georgia, USA, but here is a link to a list of No Kill Shelterss and rescue groups in Northeast US. I am not sure how close you are to Maine?

No-Kill Shelters and Rescue Organizations

One should have a contact with someone closer, I hope.
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I just found this site. Its Feline Rescue, at bottom go to "site map", on it you will see "Allbreed Rescues", on that page at top is link to a list in Canada.

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Aww, if I lived in NS, I'd take him in an instant!
Best of luck in your search. I'm sending positive thoughts for Loco!
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Fuzzy317- Thanks so much for the links, I checked it out and the rescues listed are only in Ontario and B.C.- VERY far from here

I'm calling a rescue thats about 2 hours away from here in a little while, and I'll let you know what they say. I'm trying to stay hopeful
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How come you can't keep them all? Sorry. I am confused.
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I can't keep them for two reasons- my son and husband have both been diagnosed with allergies and my new landlord says no more than one cat.

I called a few rescues that are a bit far from here, but close enough that I could drive there in a few hours, this morning. I spoke to two people and explained my situation and they want desperately to help me out. One lady runs a rescue called TLC and she has 6 cats over the limit there as it is, but she said she may take Loco to her house personally until he can find a permamnent home. Another lady rescues and does TNR for ferals and she has 14 'tamed' ones that are permanent residents in her home. She said she can see how much I love Loco and said she would 'find a way' to help him out. I'm not sure if that means she'll take him personally or may know someone who will.

Anyways, I'm supposed to hear back from both of them today. Lets hope the Board Magic comes through for little Loco :rainbow:
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Melissa, is there any way to work it out with your new landlord to keep him just until a foster home can be found? She did cave on letting you have Onyx, after all. Perhaps with the promise that it is only temporary, let he know what you have done to find a foster/permanent home so far (as well as the homes for all your other cats, so she knows you have been working really hard on this), and tell her of the horrible alternative. Maybe she will have a heart for this sweet little guy.
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melissa. money talks. could you offer your new landlord a pet deposit? thats what we did.imagine trying to find someone to let you have at the time 7 cats! and if your landlord said only one, well what about having him outside, if traffics not bad and he's not declawed. i don't like the idea of an outside baby, but at least he would have a chance. and you could bring him in sometimes. how old is he????
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7cozycats has an excellent idea there. Money does talk. I bet if you offered a good size pet deposit maybe she would agree to 2 instead of 1 ?? I know there is still the problem of the allergies, but that is something I am sure can be controlled w/ allergy meds and frequent rubbing down of the cats.

When we started getting cats both my kids had reactions. With time it eased, and the pediatrician had lots of suggestions for allergy control. Maybe try to convince the lanlord first, and then work on the allergies???

Its a shame for you to have to put Loco down for no medical reason. There has to be another way, somehow.
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I agree....try offering this landlord more money if you can, maybe they will change their minds! Keep us posted!
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Well, I just got home from work late tonight and found a message on my machine saying that there are three different people interested in taking Loco from a town 2 hours or so from here. The shelter worker there, Kate, has been a real angel , doing everything possible to find a place for him in the last few days even though I'm not from the area.

Anyways, I left a message for her that I would contact her tomorrow on my lunch break to confirm things.

Keeps those fingers crossed, it seems there may be a special place for Loco after all :rainbow:

Its is my plan after all is said and done that I can do something in return for Kate's shelter to repay her for all the extraordinary kindness shes extended to Loco and I.
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I really hope one of these people will take Loco!
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That is great news Melissa! With three people interested in him, he is sure to find a great new home.
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I hope it works out. Sorry to hear you have to get rid of your babies. Keeping fingers crossed and sending positivie thoughts your way.
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Woohooo!!! A lady came to see me at work today (shes from my town) and she and her husband are going to come see Loco tomorrow night!!!

She said shes looking for a cat, but doesn't really want a kitten. She was happy to hear that Loco was over a year old and already neutered.

I know this is becoming my personal saga- sorry I'm just so excited when something comes along that may be a solution to all this
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I really hope it all works out!! Keep us posted!!!
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Even better! I hope this works out for Loco and you. Sounds like this lady may be that last minute angel you were hoping for!
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