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Tracy gets spayed tom.

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Well my newest addition(a week today) gets fixed tom. nervous cause she is still underweight( up to 4 lbs so gained a lb in a week) but if she is pregnant I can't risk waiting any longer(she would then be to far along) hopefully it will be easier as far as the incision goes as there is no fat layer to go through.
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Good Spay vibes for your girl! She will be fine!
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Good luck.. I'm sure everything will be fine
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Good luck vibes for your baby
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Easy surgery and speedy recovery vibes for your baby. Hugs to both of you.
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How's Tracy doing today?
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I am so glad she has been spayed! I hope all went well!
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So glad to hear that she's been spayed! How did everything go? Sending lots of good recovery vibes to your little one!
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Yes, how are things today? Is Tracy home?
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Tracy is doing GREAT. she came back with such a tiny incision and yesterday was a bit pained but today was jumping on the shelf in her recovery cage. she is back on track eating too With in the next week she will be meeting her and will be part of the gang probably fast cause of her age/personality thanks to all of you
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That's wonderful to hear!! sending lots of healing vibes for Tracy {{{ }}}
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