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This morning I was rolling my trash out for pick up, and I saw my beautiful Cymone lying in the road. Somebody must have hit her early this morning, although I didn't hear anything.

I am so sad for her, she was such a sweet kitty. Even hubby loved her, she used to wait for him to come home at night to get in her snuggles.

I am mad at myself too though, I've always tried to keep my kitties indoors. In fact when I had my first cat it was indoor only. But these last two have been outdoor kitties when I got them from the shelter and it was so difficult to keep thim indoors. They would manage to sneak out everytime my kids opened a door or window, so we had just accepted the fact that they were going out. I live on a fairly busy road, especially in the summer, but they've always seemed to stick to the backyard for the most part. In fact, I've never seen Cymone or Sunshine near the road at all. That was always my 'comfort' knowing they were hanging out in the yard and chasing bees!!
We lost a young cat last year, but he was indoor only and darted outside one night when my son opened the door. He was hit, and it was awful for all of us. I"m sure some of you remember that from last Christmas.

Well, there is nothing I can do now except to try harder to keep my one remaining kitty inside. She is pretty determined to be out, so I think I'll have my hands full with this.
Say a prayer for little Cymone, she was a very sweet kitty. and I know my kids and I will miss her dearly.
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I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. You are in my thoughts today.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss

I tried calling you but got the machine. I didn't leave you a message. You have my work #, so call me later if you feel like talking.
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I´m so sorry!It must be hard to try keep a cat inside if it`s used to being out.I am almost paranoid about keeping my Jesperi inside.We have a big balcony but we dont let him go in there.What if he jumps down?Oh,I can´t imagine that...
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Oh Daniela!!!!! I just saw this!!!! I am SO sorry!!!!! I too am here if you feel like talking, you have my number...please call if you need to. I am saying a prayer for your family during this hard time. Cymone was such a beloved pet and I know this is so hard for you all.

You are in my thoughts and prayers!!!!! I am here if you need me!!! I am so sad about this!!!!!
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Daniela, my heart is breaking for you. I know how devistated you must be right now. I will keep you and poor Cymone in my thoughts
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Thanks girls, its nice to know others care.

I am heartbroken, but even more for my kids. They absolutley loved Cymone, she was a real "child" cat. Would sleep w/ them, cuddle, let them play house w/ her. It was always so funny to see them playing with her. I haven't had the heart to tell them yet, but I will tonight. I didn't want my son going to school upset, and I'm not sure my daughter will even understand.

Life goes on, but for today I'm just plain sad.

Colby, thanks for calling. I'll try to give you a buzz tonight when you get home from work.

Thanks Debby for the nice post. You are too kind.

And thanks Lotsocats, katmintti, and okeefecl for your kind words.
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That will be so hard to tell your children...I know you will be worrying about this all day. Just remember if you need me I'm here. I am going offline but will check later to see how you are doing. You will be in my thoughts today.
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Daniela, I am so sorry that your beautiful Cymone has crossed the rainbow bridge. As you know, I lost Honey Boy the same way 3 weeks ago. You, hubby and the kids are in my thoughts. I know how tough it is.
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Daniela I'm so sorry you lost your baby, I lost a little kitten barely a few minutes old today and that felt bad enough so I can just imagine what you must be going through. They are both in my thoughts and prays and I know that they have safely crossed the Rainbow bridge.

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I'm sooo sorry....

Sending you a loving hug and heartfelt thought..

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Oh Daniela, I just saw this post. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart reaches out to you and your whole family. With feral rescues who cried to go outside, I know how difficult it is to deny your babies their hearts' desire. The hardest part is going to be with the kids. It is so heartbreaking.

This has been a difficult time for several on The Cat Site. My heart reaches out to all.

Love and hugs,

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I am so sorry about your poor baby!
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Daniela, my heart goes out to you. I'm so sorry. (((((Hugs)))))
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I'd like to add how sorry I was to hear of poor Cymone. I would be beside myself, and I'm sure everyone here runs through the same mental scenario when they read such sad, sad news.

My heart goes out to you.
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Each and everyone of you has brought tears to my eyes today. Just the thought of people that I've never met being so compassionate makes me feel so much better. Thanks to all of you for being so sweet and sentimental.

Yes, telling my son will be the hardest. He is a very compassionate little boy, and very sensitive. When we lost Simon last year he cried, and he still talks about him now and again. This will be so tragic for him, I know it is going to be so difficult.

I'm trying to look on the bright side though. She had a very happy little life here , albeit short. And if I hadn't had rescued her from that shelter god only knows where she'd be right now. Possibly she would have been put to sleep, or worse gone to a bad home. So I am happy I had that time w/ her.

Thanks again to all of you.
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Oh I'm so sorry to hear this Daniela It is so hard to lose a baby, especially that way ... I hope your kids take it well wnd won't be too upset, lots of love and hugs
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My heart felt sympathy for your loss. Give the kids an extra hug from everyone on the site.
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Sorry I'm a little late chiming in, but I'm so sorry you lost little Cymone, Daniela I've been through this very thing with my kids in the past with our kitty Fluffy and its so difficult. Its very hard for them to understand

My thoughts and heart are with you
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I am so sorry to hear about Cymone

You are in my thoughts
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I just now saw this. You have my heart, I am so sorry. **tears***
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Daniela, I'm so sorry for your loss
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Daniela, I am also sorry to hear about Cymone. I hope you and your family take comfort in the happy life you gave her.
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I am so sorry to hear of Cymone's passing. Healing energies and sympathy to you and yours!
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Daniela...I am heartbroken at the news of your loss. I cannot even begin to imagine what you must be feeling right now.

Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, and that Cymone is now another one of God's little angel kitties!

XOXOXO from Jedi!
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Daniela, I am so sorry to hear about your sudden loss of Cymone. And I remember when you told us about the loss of Simon last year, it's so sad that you and your family have to go through this heartbreak again. Just remember that Cymone was happy and had a wonderful life with your family. She will be watching over all of you from Rainbow Bridge.
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I am sorry sorry! Try to remember the happy times with her and get your kids to remember what they loved about her. Try to keep focused on the happy memories. She brought mush joy to your lives, I hope that her memories continue to do so for many years!
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Daniela, I'm so sorry. I know the pain you're feeling. I pray that God will bless you with wonderful memories. I'm sure you gave her the happiest of lives. God bless and give you peace.
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I am so sorry for your loss. I'm sitting here in tears for you, and know exactly how you feel, as Mozzie left us today after a car hit him, too.

Try to keep the happy memories close to your heart, and take comfort in knowing that he had the best life, with you, that a cat could wish for.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Today, Sonia? How heartbreaking. These are tragedies we never forget, but we never forget the love we shared with these dear little creatures either. When you find it in your heart, tell us about her in The Rainbow Bridge. It might help to talk about her. I'm so sorry for both of you.
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