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New Arm & hammer litter?

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Has anyone tried this litter yet? the high performance, and it says all natural? I have baught a bag, it smells good, looks weird, and from my water test, seems to clump well.

Anyone use this?? would love feedback.

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Hmmm haven't seen it yet, but will look for it. I'm currently using the A&H Multi-cat (I think) and it has the crystals in it. Will check when I get home and see what kind.
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I bought a bag of this new stuff myself last weekend. It was on sale
at Pet Supply this month. I haven't opened it yet. I hope is not
corn litter. My kitty was allegeric to World's Best.
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Used it last weekend...and Dulcinea loves it. Now she's really pooping up a storm...hehehe...plus, I notice sometimes she goes in just to re-cover 'things'...and paw around in it again. Must be good stuff if she likes it.

Fr. Gregg
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How does it look weird? I haven't heard of this but I'm always interesting in trying something new...
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I'd love to hear more about this! We use Nature's Miracle but I'm always interested to hear about other all natural litters...
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I'd like to hear more, too! Lusa likes A&H SuperScoop unscented but it's a bit dusty.

How strong is the scent? Is it about the same as FreshStep?
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Its brown in color, and the smell is very "clean" not perfumy like fresh step... it looks weird as in, it looks like tan ground coffee, I guess is how i would describe it. i ran my hands through it quite a bit and didnt notice any dust... I will see tonight whren I dump my box and start from scratch with this new stuff.

Everyone keep posting when you finally use it, and I will do the same.
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This stuff looks almost exactly like Natures Miracle. Unfortunately, one of my cats didn't like it at all. Also, while it controls urine odors well, I found that it could not keep up with my cats other.....deposits. Back to the A&H multi-cat for me.
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I love A&H High Performance! Damita has litter sensitivities, so I mix High performance(for odor control) with Swheat(for $$$ reasons). For me, I can only get High Performance in a grocery store, so it is very $$$. Otherwise everyone here likes it!
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