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This is why shelters irratate me

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Ok i having been keeping an eye on my humane society's petfinder list because my husband has 180 days to find a new kitty since sadly the one we had adopted(tiffy) had to go back as she was to aggressive and we could not risk tring to work with her with 2 kids in the home (3 and 6). Well i see a pretty mainecoon that we had seen when we got tiffy. Well she had been pulled down than today put back on the list. So i call and ask why. GET THIS. She was adopted and returned because she threatned humans, IE agressive AND SHE IS BACK ON TEH ADOPTION FLOOR. :censor::censor::censor:? Tiffy is in holding, not on the euthanize list, the guy thinks they maybe working with her aggression, well than why is the mainecoon not back there to be worked with, she is out there for someone to adopt and only bring back yet again. I mean i am sorry but in my eyes it is really cruel to adopters and the cats to put them out there knowing they will just wind back up at the shelter. I mean would you do that with a kid? not let the adopters know that the child was wild/out of countrol/ect send em off to their new family only to have em come back? Think about the psychological aspect on the cats, eventually they will become so timid they wont goto humans anyway. It angers me so much, i just told my husband about it and he is as miffed as i am.
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It's the shelter's responsibility to keep up-to-date and detailed behavioral and medical histories on each animal and ensure that they are put in a home that is APPROPRIATE for the cat and its unique set of circumstances. Additionally, they need to either rehabilitate cats who are not ideal candidates for adoption or find a foster family or rescue who is trained and can do that for them. We keep shy and aggressive kitties on our adoption list, but don't adopt them to people without cat experience and CERTAINLY would not adopt them to a home with children.

On the other hand, if the shelter does ITS job, then it's up to the sdopters to realize that cats don't act a certain way for no reason, and to find that reason and correct it to ensure the happiness and well-being of everyone in the household, animals included. Adoption is not a one-way street in which everything that goes wrong can be blamed lock, stock and barrell on the shelter. There are some bad shelters out there and it sounds like this one is not 100% with it, but they aren't ALL bad.
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Oh this one is something else, my husband worked there a few years ago but we try and go there for animals because its a kill shelter and if we can save just one. I would have worked with her like i said had i not had a 3 year old to worry about and another cat. We had no idea she was so agressive, they said that probley because she was sick when we got her was why her true personality didnt show. Which makes sense the sicker she got (before the meds kicked in) the more affectionate she was, but as the antibiotics began to work she became more reclusive and than hissing and triing to bite all the time. *sighs* i just wish people stopped an thought about the animals as more than an item to own. This human society is semi the way it is cause the county wont work with them. They wanted to become no-kill and the county said fine but we wont contribute finacially anymore and they didnt have any other supporters to help them maintain the shelter if they went that route. So they had to stay a kill shleter *sighs*
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Their position to remain a kill-shelter was obviously out of their hands...financially they probably could not run a no-kill shelter without the funding. It's a shame...

And I'm not sure what's up with them releasing a sick animal to you in the first place...typically they wait until the animal gets a clean bill of health before sending them to their new homes.
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Whelp they put Tiffy back up for adoption BUT they put a note that she is not to go with a home with kids. So maybe she will have a better chance. I am glad she wasnt euthanized, she was a good girl, untill she snapped on us and very pretty.
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just bumping so yawl can see the news that Tiffy made it back out for adoption just not to a home with kids.
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how traumatizing would all that be for the cat too. I mean you have a home, you don't have a home, you have a home.... will the insanity never end? If this cat is on the petfinder list it should be ecplicit that it not be adopted to a house with kids or other pets and that it needs special care. I wouldn't write it off just for being a little aggressive, the right person can help quell that agressivness
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