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Can cats perform magik?

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I have a small interest in Paganism so around the flat we have various things that might be used to perform rituals... Radar tried to use our old-fashioned wood broomstick as a scratching post so it was removed. He then knocked our crystals onto the floor and scratched my Tarot cards and recently tried to rip up my cloak
Just a minute ago he knocked my cauldron off the freezer and it set me wondering....

If Radar is trying to perform magik is he wishing that Epona would come home early, just looking for a catnip or hoping that the parrot will come out to play?

btw I really don't take Paganism that seriously so I don't want any Christians knocking at my door with pitchforks, it just fun stuff I collect
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I think Radar is an equal opportunity getter-intoer magik stuff or regular stuff, Radar will probably investigate! if you see him riding around on the broomstick, then I might start to worry
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As a resident of the famed Witch City, I can tell you that familiars are generally prohibited from performing magik on their own - but they can and do.
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I read Tarot with my cats
I even bought the Tarot of The Cat People deck so they could admire the artwork

And if you haven't seen this deck, even if you aren't into Tarot, you should see it, amazing artwork.
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