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We had to deworm Blue which we did yesterday we also did Tessa as well just to be safe because they share a litter box, well they share everything but blue was having really upset stomachs because of that, and the lady we called her told us that she did need dewormed again!!! So we dewormed and so far so good, but are worms contagious ??? I know willie just got dewormed and stormie already did and so did bella, but i just wanna make sure that they arent contagious !!!! Also can that be why Stormies been growling at Blue then again she growls at everyone !!!
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I really dont think tapeworm is contagious (if it is tapeworm).
My vet told me that pretty much the only way a cat can get tapeworm is by eating a flea.
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Yes internal parasites are very much contageous from one cat to another, especially when they share litterboxes! Basically if one cat has worms they all do is a pretty safe assumption.

Was it tape worm or roundworm?
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The only type of worm that is not transmitted through the feces is the tapeworm. In order for your cats to get tapeworms, they must ingest a flea who is carrying it. Hookworms, whipworms, roundworms, and coccidia (which is not classified as a worm but as an oocyte) are all transmitted through the feces.

There are many other parasites that can be found when doing a fecal exam but they are much more rare.
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Yep, that's what I thought shorty, thanks for confirming.
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sorry I didn't word that right, cats CAN pass most worms to each other, but tapeworms have to be ingested by the cat from the fleas or rodents carrying them in order to get them. You didn't specify what worms your cat has though.
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