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I am just sitting here a little while ago and I was sitting here doing my make up work for school, and all of a sudden I hear growling and I am looking at the t.v box were bella is and she is knocked out, and stormie is behind me and I am thinking O no did midnight get out and is going after willie, so I got up next thing I kno i go to bella and its here...I really wonder what do cats dream about, she is always making weird noises in her sleep but sometimes she growls, and also she was left on a busy road for about a week until i found her sorry mods if i put this in the wrong section and everytime I try to make up my school work the kitties either delete it or they just sit on the computer and wont move, it can be fustrating seeing how my whole journal for my one class got deleted !!! so i lost 80 points and they keep falling out of my window, i swear they are taking turns i just sit here and type and do my school work we jump in the window and stormie was half on it and half on the covers then fell and bella just fell out (i think she is getting to big for my window seal) They are trying to give me a heart attack, o and I forgot the random playful ness in the last few days and Stormie randomly likes to attack the door while its closed, and i will want to come in and she never lets me because she lays her big but in front of the door !!! it was so funny she wanted back in my room earlier and so i opened the door and told her to go and she went and turned around so she could rub up against the door before i closed it, she is such a weirdo but still cute.... we started playtime now !!! But the sleeping gets funny for Bella, I really wonder what do cats dream about!!!!