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Job Hunting/Interviews

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I left my job on October 11 due to stress. I was an assistant manager at a local bank. A year ago we bought out another bank. Nov 2005 we merged with their computer system. It was like starting a new job. The system was completely different. In each office a person was selected to be the "expert" and was set to a 3-day training back in Sept 2005(3 months before the system came out). I survived that ordeal just fine. Then with 2006 I had monthly meetings at the main office (2 hour bus ride or commute with some poor soul since I don't drive). Then it became weekly conference calls just as some of the offices just opened with no staff. We we robbed twice during the holidays & I was still freaking out. I didn't like being tied up on the phone with no staff. But I survived it. Then we started sales trainings. I spent 2 weeks at the main office & had to give up vacation time(since I don't drive and had to commute). Survived that ordeal too. Then in Sept 2006 I took a small vacation, just relaxing at home & my boss calls. I screened my calls cause they can't work without me for some reason. He was upset that a report he forgot he was handling was past due and wanted to know where I was with it. Ok this was my first day of vacation. I was fuming. Then all these feelings about him and how much I did at work hit me. I have been holding his hand(his the manager) for the past three years. No one has noticed except in my office. No one above me knows what a complete moron I was working under. Many people thought the world of him and called daily for support. So then he called again stressing how important this report is and he NEEDS to hear from me. I shot him an email from home(best to keep it in writing) that he was supposed to file the report & it was emailed to both of us from X.

When I got back a week later I had over 80 emails. A few of them were from his boss asking for reports or information that was important. One was due my first day back at 9am(We get in at 8:30). The requests were sent when I was on vacation. All she was asking for was names of each person in the office to order name tags. I lost it again. I finally left work early & just told him I had it with the job and I need to go home and think. So basically I was stressed from doing his job & mine for the last 3 years unnoticed and now getting swamped with sales incentives that were out of this world. Several managers were already forced out the door for not meeting their goals. So DH & I talked and I gave my 2 weeks the next day. I never told my boss it was b/c of him. His boss heard why I was leaving and sat down with me. She promised that my boss is next to get fired blah blah blah. If she offered more money I would have stuck it out.

OK sorry for the long background story. My question is, when I go on interviews what they heck do I say about my former job & boss? I was with this company for 7 years starting after college. It's the only job I have to list as a reference at this point.
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I wouldn't worry about it, it doesn't sound like you left on bad terms. Are you looking for a different kind of job or in the same field? If it's in the same field, maybe say that you left because there wasn't any room to grow there? And if you're looking for a different kind of job, say that you were looking for a career move?

Hope that makes sense and helps!
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You really don't have to say anything about your former boss, unless they ask why he isn't listed as a reference. In that case, just say simply that you and he had professional conflicts. That's all. Remember that the person interviewing might be your next boss and you don't want to look like you bad-mouth your bosses. If you are pressed for details, just say "I felt that I wasn't making use of alll my skills and talents in my last position."

Who are you going to list as references? I'd suggest your boss's boss, if you think that is good, but co-workers would be O.K. too. Just make sure to contact beforehand everyone you list as a reference, so they know they might be called.

Good luck with your job hunt. Remember, being qualified for a job means that you can do it, not that you've necessarily done it before.

When I was hiring, I'd take enthusiasm over experience any day.

Cheers, from
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Thanks for the advice. I think I want to be in the same line of work. I really don't think I want to be a manager again. I might want to start from the beginning. I really missed being a teller all those years. Anytime we were short staffed that is where you would find me. It's funny cause most managers would say the same but the desk people like the desk.

This is the only job I had that I liked. It isn't even what I went to college for. I don't know anything else but banking. Which is why I haven't been looking hard. I just wanna win the lottery but don't we all.
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Originally Posted by crazyforinfo View Post
I just wanna win the lottery but don't we all.
I want to too!!

You could always say too that you left due to health reasons. Being stressed beyond your mind's capability is a health issue.

Basically stick iwith one story and keep to it on all the interviews. Like SwampWitch said, once you start to bad-mouth your former boss potential bosses won't like it.

Be as honest about why you left without being negative. Showing enthusiam for the job is always great on interviews. If you don't show it, the person interviewing you will think that you too good for the job.

Just stay positive and you'll do fine!!!
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
You could always say too that you left due to health reasons. Being stressed beyond your mind's capability is a health issue....
Be careful with that, though. The interviewer could interpret that as meaning you'd be out sick a lot.

Cheers, from
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