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New Desk Buddy - Its Pepsi

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Well we have been graced with the Princesses company today - here she is in Dinos place...shhuuu, dont tell him

I think she quite like it here with me that look though - um no more photos !
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Awwwww she is a little princess as well isn't she!. Go back to sleep baby
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She looks so cosy, you shouldn't wake her
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Tooo cuteeeeeeee!! Alwasy nice to have a buddy on your desk..

My kitties like to sit right in front of the monitor when I'm working. Drives me nutzz.. LOL
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How dare u disturb her with the click and flash of a camera...she is a beauty
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Aww she looks so peaceful
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Well it is the best place to sleep. She didn't look like she liked her beauty sleep interrupted!
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aww.. Pepsi is adorable!!
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awe princess pepsi is such a cutie, soooo adorable
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Aw, you disturbed her beauty sleep! Shame on you!
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Awww Pepsi! What a snuggable kitty!
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Awww! I'm sure my kitties would be on the desk if there was room for them too. But alas, there isn't so they are resigned to being near me when I'm on the couch, in bed or pick them up when I'm in my computer chair. hehe
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awwww! very cute!!!!
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Awww - Princess is so sweet! Jacob loves to try to sit in front of the monitor when I'm on the computer too! Right now, he's on the back of my chair!
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OMG I'm in love She is just beautiful!
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Aww, she's so cute
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Awww- how sweet is that!?
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