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Tommy vomiting too.....???

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Wondered if anyone was in the same boat here but our little man has had a vomiting problem for a number of years now. It started with him being sick about a minute ot two after eating his wet food (the food brand or flavour didn't seem to matter), it wasn't every time but I'd say three or four times a week maybe. I took him to the vets numerous times and they didn't really know apart from he must have a sensitive stomach that flames up easily with acid and the vomiting makes it worse. So then i decided to try him on a dry food (Hills Sensitive Stomach) which did calm it down a lot to maybe once a month vomiting. He is now on Hills 'Light' as the Sensitive Stomach was making him too fat. Hes been on Hills for maybe 2 years and i'd say since we've moved into our new house the vomiting has been slightly worse. He ran out the other day so i thought i'd try him on some wet food again as i'd like to introduce some into his diet for health reasons.... anyway he ate it quite happily but then promptly sicked it up hardly digested. This went on for about four lots of food in one day as he kept compaining he was hungry but it just came back up again. He is completely fine in terms of character and drinks and eats well (when it stays down!) so i can't think what it is? Anyone heard of or dealt with such an issue before?? Any solutions? Thanks x
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did your vet ever perform any tests, blood work, xrays, anything? If he is not hardly keeping any kind of food down then I would want to rule out any other health problems, such as ulcers, cancer, blood infections, etc. If he wants to eat but can't help but to vomit, then that is usually a sign of something wrong in the stomach (other than a sensitive tummy) Take him back to the vet if they haven't done any tests or if they have, get a second opinion. Somthings not right here. Hope your lil guy gets better.
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It's possible that Tommy is eating too fast and getting a lot of air tha would cause the vomiting?
Also... try raising his food dish up off the floor a bit to change his eating position to help prevent him getting air.

There is a chance of allergies, but since it happens with any wet food you have tried and not with the Hills you were using that pretty much has everything + the kitchen sink it's not as likely I would think.

Others will come along with some suggestions in no time I am sure.

Good luck with getting a correction to this problem.
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Thanks for your comments, he seems to be keeping a coley steak down (white fish)....any other ideas?
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