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"puppy dog eyes"

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Ailey: You mean you were actually trying to read this mom ??

Val: Yes Ailey I was...please move

Ailey: You dont really want me to move do you mom? You want me to stay right here so you can scritch between my ears dont you?! Come on mom look at me... im using my puppy dog eyes!

Val: sigh... I give up! you can stay
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Awwwwwwwwww how could you not give in to that gorgeous little face!!

My two are exactly the same when it comes to a paper, magazine, plastic bag, paper bag, a post-it note
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i swear i fall in love with her all over again every morning...i cant help it!
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well it was just in case you missed something - like kitty-chow on special offer
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awe look at those eyes...that cute little face is just to adorable, how can u possibly say no to that face she is a pretty girl tho
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She is a little doll They all love to get on paper etc. it's too funny!
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Such an innocent and unassuming face!

She wants you to "read" her, not the paper!
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She looks innocent, but I know better! No cat is innocent.
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Shes is for sure my little girl we have daily conversations she chirps and i listen and every once in a while i get to talk lol. she always knows when i need extra snuggles. i swear she thinks im her kitten lol
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aww.. I bet she gets what she wants with that sweet face of hers.
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Oh Bunny gets that same experession! At times she has worn that right before doing something naughty! Toooo cute! I can't resist it!
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Awww What a sweetie pie!

I definately couldn't say no to that face
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Awww... she's putting her charms to good use!
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