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Brothers bullying

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Hi. I have a sibling rivalry issue. Well my cats do!! Tiger is 14 and has lived with me since he was approx 1. Charlie appeared as a stray about 4 years ago. I think he's about 7. They are both neutered tom cats and are big boys, approx 14lbs.

The thing is Tiger is being intimidated by Charlie. When there's food involved or cuddles they can be quite harmonious and get along but sometimes Charlie will make life awkward for Tigs. He won't let him out of rooms, lie on the sofa, sunbathe in the garden etc with out hitting him or intimidating him.

Is there anything I can do to help my boys get along better?

K xx
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This is something I do every few weeks in my house just to keep things calm. I will dab a little bit of vanilla extract underneath everyones chin. It masks the normal scent of each of the cats and they end up all smelling the same.

The other thing I have on hand is spray Feliway and Feliway plug-ins. It is expensive so I would try the spray first to see if this keeps the boys calm around each other.
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