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Introduction - Hello from a newbie Ragdoll owner

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Hello to all of you.

I have just purchased a Ragdoll kitten. She is only a couple of days old so I will only be getting her in July from the breeder. But I want to make sure when she arrives that I am prepared for her. So I was wondering if anyone has any advice for me on this particular breed and kittens in general.

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Hi Spike and welcome to the forums!

If this is your first cat, you have a lot to learn (and a lot of fun ahead of you!)

Try going through the site by the links at the top of this page. In the breeds section there is also an article about Ragdolls. Also, browse the forums - you'll find a wealth of info here too. If you still have any particular question, just post away in the appropriate forum.
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Welcome Spike. You're getting a real special breed. There is a book out about Ragdolls and it's wonderful. I have friends that breed them. They are also the only longhair cat that doesn't matt. They're wonderful. If you live on the east, I probably know the breeder as I judge cat shows and judge on the east coast. Anyway, good luck.

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Thanks Frannie,

I looked on Amazon and found the following 3 books. Which one of these would you reccomend. She is going to be a pet and will now be shown or bred so I really just need information on how to care for her.

I am so excited, I will be getting photo's of her in about 2 weeks time. I am actually in the UK, and she is coming from Hawespaws Cats.

Ragdoll Cats
K.L. Davis

Guide to Owning a Ragdoll Cat
Gary A. Strobel, Susan A. Nelson

Ragdoll Cat (Popular Cat Library)
Gary A. Strobel, Susan A. Nelson

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Dear Spike,

Welcome to "The Cat Site"! You'll be very happy here and your knowledge of cats will be bountiful! Trust me!
You'll find that one out very quickly... :

So, you will be adding an addition to yourself...because in my mind...all of my cats are a part of me. You must be very excited...make sure you provide us with a pic!

Wishing you all the Best
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Thank you. I will most definitely put a pic on as soon as I get one which should be in 2 weeks time.

I spent a lot of time today reading the forums. I just want to say that I find all the people here so kind and friendly, it is wonderful. Up until now my only experience with online forums was that most people were rude and or nasty, and lo and behold you should do something like make a spelling mistake. But I have only found the people here to be genuine.

I have also found heaps of great and useful info. Thanks again.

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Persondaally, I livge fopr typio;;s
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awwww, Spike thanks for the compliment! I think we are all pretty genuine here, too! Glad you like us! I hope you stay here!!! We are always here to help, whether it be with cat problems or personal problems...noone will be mean or nasty to you...and if they are, we will not tolerate it.

Welcome to you!!!!!!!
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Welcome Spike. Have you picked out a name for your new addition? I just adore Ragdolls!!
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Hi Spike and welcome. The CatSite is my first internet experience and I have found it to be great fun. I love the idea that people from all over the world can get together and share thoughts and ideas. You will love being a cat person-note that I didn't say owner! You will find out that no one ever owns a cat
Can't wait to see a picture of your baby!
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Welcome, welcome to The Cat Site! It's nice to meet you. And I look forward to meeting your new feline-friend as well. There are many people here who know oodles more about cat care than I'll ever know, so I'll not pretend to give advice (at least not yet).

But I do want to welcome you; and I look forward to reading your posts, plus being of any help if I can.

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Yes I have a name for her, it is going to be Tigerlily. I figure Lily for when she is all sweet and Tiger for the playful side and maybe just Tily. But we will just have to wait and see what her personality is like.

I had 3 cats when I was a kid. They all died of natural causes and it was heartbreaking. It has been 13 years since I owned a cat. So I am so excited I am not sure I can wait the 12 weeks to get her, but I am sure she is going to be worth the wait.

I also now live in London, previously in South Africa, where there is lots of open space for cats to run and play. So the cats were always outside. So I am a little worried as London is so busy and dangerous for cats. Is is going to be ok to keep her indoors most of the time. I plan to cat proof the house and get her lots of toys and all the scratching posts she needs, but she will only be able to go outside when supervised. There will always be someone at home so she will never be alone.

I have included some pics of the cats I used to have.

Tiger & Timmy - Photo taken 1979

Baby shortly after his arrival. 1981

Baby in his later years. 1985 A good example of why not to name them something like baby. He grew so big and got very fat close to the end people used to laugh when they heard his name.

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Who makes sbelling misteaks? Frannie do you? Kaaren how about you? Knot me, know sir, knot me. My English is impeccable...LOL

Spike in order to post pictures on here, when you have the address for the photo- right before the htpp: you need to type [IMG] and right at the end of the address add [/img] Then it is majic! Your pictures will appear! =) Welcome to a right-friendly board

that's wierd, it posted a picture in place of the [IMG] and [/img]
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I'm seeing nothing but the dreaded Red Xs, rather than images, in the last few postings. That's no fun! I want to see Spike Adelika's cat photographs. Aren't computer systems and the inter-net so very user friendly?

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There seemed to be a problem with the links to Geocities (I don't think it's permanent - probably just a temporary glitch with their servers), so I put the pics on one of my servers.

Hissy, when you type the magic IMG with the square brackets, the forums software tried to present what followed as an image, but couldn't find no image at the supposed link so hence the broken image icons
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Thank you, Anne, for ridding Spike Adelika's recent post of those dreaded Xs!

Spike Adelika, thank you for those wonderful photographs of your feline friends! Although we never met, those cats nevertheless tug at my heartstrings — across the miles and years — as their images continue to radiate intelligence and love.

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As for Ragdoll books. Here's the link to the Ragdoll article.

On the right side there are links to Ragdoll books on Amazon. If you decide to buy any please consider buying them through that page (it gets me a nice little commission that helps maintain this site) - thanks!
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Welcome Spike, Can't wait to see pics of your ragdolls. My brother and sister in law have one that is just beautiful. They never let theirs out though. I think they are the sweetest things. I just have your average house cats. I told my husband the other day--I have not chosen a cat for myself since I was 8 and my mother let me have a kitten our neighbors cat had. All of my cats just show up and make themselves at home. My husband laughs at me and said all the cats in the neighborhood have told all the strays that I am a pushover and will feed them.

I have Baron who is an all black fat cat. About the size of your baby in the pic. I have Prissy who just showed up less than a week ago and had her 3 kittens on our front porch. She is now inside and staying. I also have a female German Shepard named Duchess who thinks she is a cat. She loves to groom Baron and Baron keeps Duchess' ears clean for her. They really love each other.

Then we have a ferret,Zena. She is funny. The only thing I don't like about ferrets is that you have to keep them in a cage. I can't seem to get zena to use her litter pan when she is out of the cage. So she only gets out for short periods of time. In the summer I take her outside alot when we are sitting out in the yard.

On top of all this I have 4 human children-14,12,6,and 5. We are one big happy family in the Xanders house. When I call it a zoo I am not kidding. Well, anyway welcome. You will find everyone here friendly and helpful. I love it and wish I had found it sooner.

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Kathy, It must be something about nurses I have 11 cats and only one of them is one I actually went out and selected. Also have a Heinz dog and a beautiful Beta fish. Our daughter and son-in-law got us a great plaque that has a prominent spot in our living room. It says :Welcome To The Zoo".
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Anne thank you for fixing the pics, I was not aware there was a problem as I was away for the weekend. I am on my way now to get one off the books.

Thank You everybody else for all your kindness.

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Dear SpikeAdelika,

Welcome and thank you for joining us here at our zoo This is the first formum I've ever joined myself... I'm sure you'll enjoy the very distinctive people here too!

We have so many talented people here with so much knowledge about kittieeeees and we brighten each other's day always; you'll be happy you joined and I'm especially happy to see you're new addition to your home will be very well looked after.
Oh, and thanks for sharing your pics...they're so cute.
Take Care & God Bless
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I like it here already.
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I rescued a 10 year old Ragdoll. Her name is Princess Snowfoot. She is a blue mitted. I apopted her without even seeing her. I was at a Cat Show and Ragdoll rescue was there and I asked if they had any rescues and when they said they did, I said I will adopt her without even knowing anything about her. I have been wanting a Ragdoll forever so being able to get one who needed a home so badly was an extra bonus. Princess is the sweetest cat in the world. She sleeps on my husbands pillow every night wrapped around his head. She loves to be brushed and has the most beautiful coat. You will love your Ragdoll. They are a very beautiful breed and very loving.
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I have posted her pic under a new thread titled
As promised first pic of Tigerlily.

I am one proud MUM

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What a beautiful name is Princess Snowfoot! I'll bet it suits her quite well.

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Congratulations on your new baby!

My best friend just lost their cat of 17 years and are now talking to a breeder to get a ragdoll. I'm sure I'm more excited than they are! They favour the bi-colour. I can't wait to see their new baby! I love the Blue-bi-colours.

Last year we got a siamese/himalayan cross from a himalayan breeder. He was 6 months old and scared silly!

It took us 4 full weeks for him to come out from behind the headboard when we were in the bedroom. But now, wow, what a little suck! He cries to be picked up and held and will purr so loudly you can hear him across a room. What a treasure he turned out to be.

Sorry, back to you, good luck and I also will be looking forward to a picture!

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Mr. Cat.

At first I did not like the name Princess. I like to give all of my babies "human" names. But I figured she had it for 10 years and I can not change it. But as the days when on the name fits her purrfectly. She is a little Princess. I love her so much. She has the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. She is very special to me. Everyday when I come home from work she picks her head up and meows to me as to say "Welcome Home Mommy" She was moved from home to home to home, that she is so afraid when I leave that I will not come back. I try to tell her she has found a place to spend the rest of her life but I don't know if she understands.
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