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The legond of the black panther.

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Long long ago across a great and vast tropical sea there was an unehabbited island, rich with dense jungle, marshes, and tropical savannahs. This land were home to a great huge panther-Leopard cross. His name was Bindi. He stood at least eight feet at the shoulder with a body some 12 feet in length. Many hunters had tried to find him and take his picture to sell in wildlife magiznes such as National geogrphic. But the panther was very essluive and defyed the efforts of even the greatest hunters. Useally it was the other way around Bindi found the men and lying in ambush in a high ficus tree he would crash down upon the victims back. Ripping out the throat and dragging the human back up into the tree Though the guides that acommpanyed the photogaphers had rifles with them they couldn't kill because of the curse. ( The real Bindi is a domestic kitty, just a story)
Bindi was gigantic, because once while he was a kitten a group of hunter-gathers found and killed his mother for food. Then taking pitty on the kitten their leader Panthermongomy gave it a powder from a huge flowering plant with gaping teeth on whip like leaves that curved inwards and outwards like the teeth of tiger jaws. This enabled Bindi to grow to twice the average size for a black leopard and to live twice as long. The savages needed a religious idel and so they worshipped him and paced a curse with their shamans magic saying that leopard ghosts shall raise from the water, trees and grass to hunt down any who harm the cat, and take their souls to Great Dark. And so Bindi lived on this island of lost time separated from the western world until a small band of fishermen had brought this greatest of tales to chivlization.

Bosses of flim companies in the usa and europe had heard wild tales from the fishermen who had visited and so they started betting bigger and bigger sums of money to their wildlife flimakers if they could go to the island, take a picture and come out of it alive. Also the winner would get a free shipment of Innnova Evo cat food for years. But though they tried and tried for years no one wanted to go to the lush jungle to risk death by the leopard ghosts who prowled the shadows or by Bindi himself. The media wanted so badly to get a picture of Bindi before he died from old age because an ugent message from Thecatsite stated to the world that they wanted his picture.

He was eighteen when John Mi stood up at his office meeting with the boss of National georapic. "I'll do it sir I'll go to the black jungle where Bindi lives and take his picture. I'll brave the leopard ghosts and the savages. The dark rivers where huge crocadiles swim. The hot humid jungle heat and humidity. The thought of this adventure entrills me" " How do you know that your willing? Many others have lied to me for the fame and thrill only to back out of it when they hear the stories from the natives who will go with you on your hunt.", "I'm differen't I'm brave. I can do this please..... please sir. Give me the chance", "I'll think about it" Said the man in his office chair while looking at some travel papers and wills of those who had died. ( To be continued.)

Panther Pride here. Do you like my writing?. I'm trying to decide on either being a fiction writer or an Art Teacher.
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whats wrong with doing both.
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I wonder If maybe social interaction would be too chellaging in a jonior high art class setting and math as well, My math is fifth grade level, going to hubs a class that works on it. Sense I have Autism others have told me I lack or often forget social instincts normal people have.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...s/confused.gif ( eye contact, paying attention. ect) The neat thing about it is I think in images as if you were watching TV with colors textures and everything. I hear words in my head too though, I dont have that much Autism.

I like Art and am very good at it. Have been drawing sence I was three ( I should post some of my drawings sometime).http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...lies/agree.gif. And I like teaching children how to draw wildlife. The benefits of this job are great too (summers off, extra vacation time, health insurence, ect.) But my dad told me that I'll have to put on a 'show' in order to survive in that workplace, I'm not sure if that's really true. I am going to my school to visit later next month and have writen a list of querstions for my old art teacher to answer about her job. Any Art teachers here?

Writing on the other hand seems to me that it doesnt require math
or collage. I do a very good job at it and have had numerous people tell me I have gift with storytelling and that I should get my work published. My job couch has told me writers , the kind who write novels and sell them, dont have supervisers, bosses, and that they to be there own. I am aware of Steven king, a horror novel write who makes good money as well. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...ilies/wink.gif. Horror is not my thing though my imgination can be dark, just an example. Anyway money is not the most importent thing to me happyness is. The confusing question is would I be happier in a classroom trying to be something I'm not or staying home all day alone writing a lot of pages? I would get out and about during the warmer months lol.
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Here its me again. with some more of the legond of the black panther.

"You do realize that it will be difficult John. You'll need weapons, maps, clothing, a guide. Your a fine man I dont....I dont want to loose you", "Putting these nesscerities aside sir. I think that it is a good experence for me. Its what my heart longs for to go out into the wild and photograpth Panthers. Iys a sercit I've hidden most of my life, a love for animals. My mother a maid for a hotel she would never understand. When I was an eight year old my mother caught me trying to "talk" with the alley cats on the warf. She told me to leave them, there just cats and that if I was a good boy I should get my rifle out and blast them.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima.../angryfire.gif. I ran away crying and wondered the beaches for five days and night before callaping on the sand dunes. Before I passed out I saw a white cat ghost with beautiful blue eyes. She said. "The cats walk by themselves,you have been chosen child of the human race", I didsnt hear it but felt it inside my head, like those savages you speak of. I dont know maybe I was halusnating maybe not I was just a child. But the cat ghost was right I was chosen to walk in the shadow of Bindi. Then he found me, barly alive and skinny as a rail. You and I both know that if it wasn't for the fishermens rescue on the island of cape cod I would have never been brought to your office or lived. Its a pleasure to work with so many fine people", "I understand, though I do not agree or believie with some of what you say. I will send you to the island in a weeks time, there is a dock on the island, the savages built it themselves. There you will meet your guide and half the supplies you need", "Thank you thank you!" John nearly started crying as he heard the agreement. Quickly he turned around and headed home to his cats and to his Giant fishtank with a school of koi swimming in the translucent depths. His wife Sara met him at the door. "Hello John have a good day at work?" "Yes, a very emotional one. I am going to Panther Island in a week. You will have to wish me luck" "Really oh John...but.....but what about the danger?" "Its okay I will be going with a guide", he left out the parts about hunter-gather clans and Man eating leopards. (To be continued)

Whell do you guys like it?
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