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Okay, here is my story of the day.

I have been filling in for someone at the reception desk at work (I work at the Cancer Society) for about 4 weeks now and have not had a problem until now. This week in Canada is national quit smoking week, so there are a bunch of announcements coming out from the Smoker's helpline.

At about 20 to 11:00 this morning people start showing up from various TV news programs, newspapers and radio news programs. NOBODY told me anyone was coming!!!

So they tell me who they have come to see.... I call that person's Extension.... No Answer. I Page that person over the building's PA system.... Nothing. I leave reception to go to her department to find her. She's not in the Bloody building....

At the reception Desk we have a sign in and sign out book which everyone is supposed to write in when and where they will be an any events going on. This woman has written NOTHING in it. Not where she is, when she will be back, not even anything regarding a press conference.

I call my supervisor to come appease the reporters. We had NO information to give them only that the Lady involved had reserved a room for 12:30. Someone from the department then appears saying the press conference is supposed to be at 1:00. Everything the Reporters have says 11:00 so I have to apologies to a room full of reporters that the time has been changed to 1:00. I FEEL LIKE AN IDIOT! and if they will come back then to get their story.

I mean please how Unprofessional. I mean you don't mess with the media if you are a non profit organization, they are our friends and we want them to cover our events for the publicity.
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Sounds like this woman is very irresponsible. You shouldn't have to feel like an idiot for her mistakes.
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Eep....I totally agree with you, upsetting the media (who no doubt have full schedules and might not have been able to make a 2 hr reschedule) is not wise for a not-for-profit anything. If they like you, they will make others like you. If not....not so much.
Sounds like you handled yourself excellently though - Lord only knows what kind of panic that would have thrown me into! so for doing the best you could given hectic situation!
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You depend on the press for something like this and I'm afraid the employee in question is going to have to face repercussions
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