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My Bettas

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I have two bettas, Jack and Jill. Jack is in a 2g hex and Jill in a 1g.
Jack is a Crowntail and Jill is a Veiltail.

The cats were really curious when I first got them but now they're bored. lol.

(sorry lots of pics!)

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What beautiful fish! I love the colours.

K xx
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Beautiful bettas.

Do you breed them?
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what beauties... are they all one species of Beatta? or did I see a Moon tail there?
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Oh I love bettas!!

Jack & Jill are beautiful!, it looks like Jack has made a lovely bubble nest!
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Beautiful ... do you seprate them so they cant see each other from time to time???
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Very pretty colors!!!
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Beautiful Bettas.. I love the colors, and they have really nice tanks for Bettas.. We had one for my daughter, named Mickey Mouse, and well it died.. Thanks to my cats.. They knocked over the tank it was in.. It was a sad sad day.. But they are beautiful fishys..
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They are gorgeous!

Why don't I have one of those? Are they difficult to keep? Bear in mind that we lost all our goldfish due to the pump clogging overnight during a heatwave in the summer that caused algae to multiply really quickly Maybe I shouldn't consider it.
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I've always loved betta's. Yours are beautiful
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Thanks everyone!! Lets see I'll try to answer all the questions

Essayons89: No I do not breed them. These are my first bettas, and actually I told myself I was only going to get one, and then the addiction started LOL. So two is good for right now, just to have as pets

Sibohan2005: Jack is a Crowntail and Jill is a Veiltail. I dont have a half moon, I wish.. I'd like one of those or a plakat but these I just bought at the pet store and they dont usually have rare breeds there.

Miss Mew: Jack LOVES building bubble nests! jDo you have bettas? It's so fun to come home from work and see that he's made big nest hehe.. even though he doesnt have any eggs to put in there

sharky: Yes, I removed the cardboard divider I have between the tanks, to take the picture. While its great exersize to let them see each other (Jack flares a LOT hehe) it can stress them out if they can see each other 24-7.

angelkitty: They have some really neat tanks out there for bettas these days. I believe in giving them more room to live in rather than the typical betta bowl or 1/2 gallon bowl. It's a myth that bettas prefer smaller spaces. I'm sorry about your betta My friends betta died the same way. Naughty kitties!!

Epona: They are easy to keep because if you keep them in anything under 5gallons you dont need a heater or filter. (a heater problem was responsible for killing my chichlids years ago and I swore off fishkeeping after that!). You just have to make sure you do very frequent water changes and try to make sure the temp doesnt fluctuate too much. I keep my apt. around 80 degrees lol.. so the bettas are pretty happy
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Beautiful bettas. Jack has splendid fins. I have a crowntail, completly red, named Jolly Rodger. Once you have one betta you have to have more. Its like a sickness, I tell you. I started off with Jolly in July, then got Tula, my veiltail(RIP) a month later, then got Captain Morgan in September and then got the blue crowntail later in September. Now I'm down to just Jolly. But I plan on getting more in the future. I want a Half Moon so bad.
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Glad they cant most of the time/// many betta owners still think they can have a male and female together
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Yeah CTs can sometimes be harder to take care of because of their long delicate fins. If their water parameters are not perfect the fins can curl, or have issues. I've been dealing with what looks like a bit of fungus occasionally on the tips of a couple of his fins. Usually a fresh water change with a pinch of aquarium salt will clear it up but its been a little stubborn lately. He is still a crazy guy though, SO HYPER and always flaring and doing a little dance for me when I come to the tank to visit him lol.

Jill the little girly has absolutely no issues!

Yeah most new betta owners think you can put 2 in the same tank. (except for breeding). Yeah not unless you want them to be injured or die!
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Sicy, they are beautiful! And I love that I can see you behind the aquariums! Awesome pics!
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Those are some beautiful fishies! My roommate freshman year had Bettas, their names were Moe and Groban
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Originally Posted by Sicycat View Post
Miss Mew: Jack LOVES building bubble nests! jDo you have bettas? It's so fun to come home from work and see that he's made big nest hehe.. even though he doesnt have any eggs to put in there
I used to have a male betta (red with pretty blue eyes) named Bob. He was great

He built bubble nests all the time he passed away only 6 months after I got him (he was alot older than I orginally thought when I got him).

I've always wanted to get another one but I cried for days after Bob died...I don't know if I could do it again.
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Yea, I did my research before getting my bettas. I actually belonged to two fish forums, one specifically for bettas. It had tons of information. I can look it up for you if you want. (I deleted it from my favorites by accident.)
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Was it I post there all the time

Miss Mew, I never thought I could get attached to fish but I am really attached to mine, especially Jack. I've had him for about 4 months and Jill for about 1 month. I wish I could smoosh him (people think I'm so weird LOL).
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Wow Sicy, they are beautiful!! I've always loved beta's! Someday when I don't have so much else to take care of I will have one, or two....or three!
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They are beautiful. I love the colors.
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Aww, their so pretty
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those are really beautiful fish, we keep toying with getting some fish, so I´ll have to do some research about these. I´ll have a look at the link thanks
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