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When my husband's gone, we eat healthy snacky stuff... when we need a hot meal, we eat out. It's my break from cooking every meal every day, and the only good part about him being gone.

Cheers, from
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I tend to eat stuff that's really crappy, that I'm too embarrassed to normally snarf in front of 1/2 a bag of Wavy Lays and french onion dip, PICKLES (hehe), cheesecake (hint, hint...yet somewhat true...), dry cereal, whatnot.
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Me and my boyfriend both have similar taste in food. So I'm not really sure that I would choose anything out of the ordinary when he's gone. Although I do choose more girl shows/movies when he's not around
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Originally Posted by catsallover View Post
Chicken and Dumplings, with the fluffy (not rolled) dumplings
That's one of my faves!!

Don't get disgusted and I'll explain before I state what I eat. My father was a butcher so we got to eat some foods that most people wouldn't eat. So when he's not home, I'll cook up things he wouldn't touch. Oxtail soup, gizzards and lamb shanks (not at the same time).

Yep, I'm wierd.
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The last two times my husband was out of town, he took the older kids with him and I just REVELED in not cooking ANYTHING for 3 days. It was awesome. The result was that I didn't eat much, though he did leave me with frozen pizzas and other ready-made foods so I had things to eat when I needed them. The baby was nursing so I didn't have to fix anything for him, and my 2 year old ate pancakes and pizza (already prepared, so we just heated them up) for almost every meal.
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I Live on Frosted Flakes
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among my favorites:

granola with yogurt
grilled cheese sandwich
linguine with butter and basil

in summer just a bunch of fruit
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i fix anything with chicken in it for me and the kids. charlies hates chicken. i also sometimes will not eat any meat when he is gone at all.
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Popcorn, oatmeal, and pizza.

I'm bad when he's gone.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
We often have "fend for yourself" nights, when I don't feel like cooking, or no menu ideas come to mind.
That's a good name for "there's nothing to eat, go find something yourself" nights.
Since I'm not in a relationship, nor married, when my parents are out I eat all of the cheese I can!
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lol, whatever i can find.
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I make pretty much the same things for me as I do for us (usually, it involves lentils or tofu!)

When Ian's not cooking for both of us or eating my cooking (we switch off), he eats microwave dinners. Eeeeeeewwww!
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It very seldom happens that we don't eat meals together. I can't remember the last time Rob was away or engaged in some activity that spanned a meal time and didn't include me. When it does happen, though, there's very little to get a fix of in his absence, because he likes everything. I just eat normally -- whatever that feels like at the time.
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I usually go ahead and make a nice meal (i have to cook a ton of my own food because i have some GI problems- i like to know what goes in my dinner...etc so it won't make me sick) So i will normally go ahead and make a full meal- and just save some for whenever Colin gets home so that he has a nice dinner waiting for him
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