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Those of you who remember this case- I am sad to report

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Charge against man accused of putting cat on hot barbecue is dismissed
The Kansas City Star

A criminal charge against a Liberty man accused of torturing a kitten by allegedly shoving it into a smoldering barbecue grill was dismissed Friday.

Charles C. Benoit, 24, had been charged in Clay County Circuit Court with animal abuse. He was accused in July of placing the 7-week-old kitten into burning coals of a grill at his apartment complex.

Another resident of the complex saved the kitten, which later was euthanized when a veterinarian determined the animal had a congenital malformation of its chest.

Benoit had pleaded not guilty to the felony charge, and his trial had been scheduled to begin Monday.

Clay County Prosecutor Don Norris said a witness on Friday was unable to recall key aspects of the case during a deposition session.

"Our eyewitness said she has no memory of any occurrence with a cat at her apartment complex that night," Norris said. "Additionally, medical testimony indicated that while the 7-week-old kitten had been exposed to a heat source, it did not appear injured."

Benoit remained in the Clay County Jail on Friday because of outstanding warrants issued against him in other jurisdictions.

Norris said his office was "frustrated with our inability to prosecute someone for this outrageous crime. I am very disappointed because a significant amount of resources had been expended in this case."

Although the kitten's whiskers had been burned off, there was no evidence the cat had been scorched, according to the veterinarian who examined the animal after the incident.

Benoit lived at an apartment complex near Missouri 291 and Missouri Court. Another resident, Sherry Scott, told authorities in July that a group of 10 or 12 persons had been barbecuing on a grill in the complex's courtyard and that someone had shoved a stray kitten into the coals.

Scott said she pulled the cat, whom she named Lucky, out of the grill. Scott and another resident tried to nurse the kitten back to health by feeding it milk with an eye dropper, but the animal could not swallow.

News reports of the incident sparked widespread response from organizations, including the People for the Ethnical Treatment of Animals. The animal rights group offered a $1,000 reward for information about the incident.

Martin Mersereau, a cruelty caseworker for the organization, said Friday he was concerned about the decision to dismiss the charge.

"We have a...burned kitten and a witness who has received death threats," Mersereau said. "If they can't make a case against...whoever did this, the community has a lot to worry about. Statistically, these cowards will eventually move on to people."
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hissy, I can't believe it! Do you think the "eyewitness" they're referring to is the woman who saved the cat, and she has since become too afraid to testify against this monster?

This is just a shameful commentary on our justice system. That man is sick, and will move on to hurting other animals or even people. Disgusting.
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I'm not surprised that a witness has "no recollection" of what happened. The local newspaper had reported that Sherry Scott had received threats after rescuing the kitten and reporting the incident! This was reported in the Liberty newspaper, and quoted here.
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I'm too disgusted to speak.
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give me some lighter fluid, matches and a plane ticket and I will finish what the law is to stupid to do itself.
Sorry but this man needs to be......AAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! I just wish that people would wake up and realize that soon it could be their relation he moves on to hurting!
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Absolutely amazing. Did someone "get" to the vet, too? Or was he just lying in the first place. I knew there was some congenital damage, but I also thought that the airways had been burned which was the icing on the cake, so to speak.

That there will be no charges pressed is just unbelievable. I guess they will learn when he decides to BBQ a lost, homeless child and laugh at that.
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Didn't we sign a petition on this? with thousands of signatures? He must have had a Philadelphia lawyer.
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UGH....I have to agree with Barb.

I cannot believe this got dismissed.

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I am outraged! Everyone in that town better watch out or that might be his next victim. I'm sure he thinks it's hilarious that the case was dismissed. I believe what goes around, comes around. He will get what he deserves at some point, hopefully soon.
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I have a .45 and a shovel. Send him my way.
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Disgusting, how this kind of case can just be "dismissed" is beyond me...
I just can't believe it I'm stunned
That poor little kitten
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