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ear mite treament

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Luxor was given his treatment for ear mites at the vet today - and I gave stoli his treatment. Is there any way I could have screwed it up? I want to make sure I did ok. I held him and squirted the liquid into his ear. rubbed the bottom a bit then did the other - he shook his head a bit - which was expected but that just seemed TOO easy.
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Nope! It's that easy!
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I know it does seem easy, but that exactly how my Vet told me to do it when Annabelle had ear mites.
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ok - i wish everything was that easy
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The vet gave me some ear mite treatment drops for my two kittens which they had to be on for 20 days. It was no help at all cause they were still scratching. I decided to buy some OTC ear mite drop and clean their ears a couple times a week did help. Now I'm down to just one with ear mites which I'm constantly cleaning his ear to avoid infecting my other one.

Any suggestion what I can do to eliminate this once and for all?
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I had a treatment that you put it in once in each ear and it's done. for good.
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Get your ear mite meds from the vet...the OTC stuff can be relatively ineffective and possibly toxic to your cat. Don't panic if you've used it already, but discontinue it and get a prescription medication at the vet. Another thing that almost easier than the drops and treats internal parasites, fleas ticks, and ear mites, is the spot treatment, Revolution.
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One of our cats...can't remember which one is was now because it's been a very long time.

But, anyway our regular Vet was out of town and the Vet we went to told us the cat had ear mites...the treatment never worked.
So when I regular Vet came back we went there, turns out they weren't ear mites at all but a yeast infection in the cats ears.
We got different drops and the problem cleared right up.

So maybe what your cats have isn't ear mites...just a thought.
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