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Kitten introductions....

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I have now read loads of threads and articles on this, and I think I'm pretty much prepared!

A couple of questions, but first a little background:

Radar is 8 1/2 months. He's very outgoing and friendly, likes to play with visitors to our home, sniffs and rubs his head on any strange cat or dog smells that we bring in on our clothes, and was not at all bothered by a recent guest kitty who spent the night in the bathroom (they didn't come into contact, but Radar didn't act any different to usual). New kitty is hopefully arriving Sunday, and is just over 3 months old.

Question one: given Radar's personality and that they are still both young, is it likely that introductions can go a bit quicker than with 2 adult cats?

Question two: given the size difference and Radar's boisterous nature, even if they get along fine after initial introductions, should we separate them when we are not around to supervise? If so, for how long? I was thinking perhaps until they are more equal in size, don't want littler kitty getting splatted while we're out!

Thank you
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I definately say introducing a kitten to an older cat (even 8 mo) will probably have a much easier transition than two adult cats. Your resident cat will not feel as 'threatened' by a small kitten.

I separated Saki from Zoey for almost a week while I was at work just because I was nervous and didnt know if they'd fight but Zoey took to him pretty quick and they started 'wrestling' (playing) by the second day
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My boys have always been very receptive to new 'friends', especially young ones. My girls are another story It's a good idea to be cautious at first, especially when they're unsupervised, but I don't think it will take long for Radar to accept the new kitty.

As soon as you're comfortable with it, I think it's good to give them a lot of time together. At 3 months, the baby still has a lot to learn and Radar can teach him (claw retraction, for one - my favorite ).
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My cat is about 10 months old (neutered male). We recently brought his sister over (she is my brother's cat) to see if they would get along well enough for me to cat-sit while they go on vacation (they have not seen eachother since they were 4 months old)

She was here about 4 hours and they never had fur to fur contact. My cat took it much better then his sister. She was in the carrier growling (have you ever heard a cat growl?) and hissing at him. He would only hiss when she hissed at him. He was very curious about her but I just didn't trust them together because she was so upset. I really think he would have been ok with it though. We decided that they need to make other plans for cat-sitting.

The fact that you are getting a kitten (hopefully one that is used to being around other cats) should help a lot. So should the fact that Radar is a boy. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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Originally Posted by meow meow View Post
(have you ever heard a cat growl?)
LOL Zoey growls alll the time. Especially when Saki is pissing her off She's silly.
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Originally Posted by meow meow View Post
(have you ever heard a cat growl?)
LOL ...sorry for the hijack Epona, but - Yes my girls do some growling. Pumpkin is a very 'competitive eater' and growls the whole time she's eating. "rrarrr-rrrarrr-rrrarr-rrrarr" It's hilarious, really.

Good luck with the introductions. I think it will be smooth sailing for you....and a lot of fun, too.
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Originally Posted by beandip View Post
At 3 months, the baby still has a lot to learn and Radar can teach him (claw retraction, for one - my favorite ).
Unfortunately I don't think Radar will be teaching him much in that respect - he came here at 8 weeks old, which I didn't realise was too young at the time, and he has precious little manners Hence my worry about letting them alone together while the kitten is still small.

Originally Posted by meow meow View Post
(have you ever heard a cat growl?)
Fortunately, the only time I have heard Radar growl is when our mail came through the letterbox and made him jump - and it was a pathetic little growl too, our parrot can do better than that! (and he growls loads )
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I just brought home a 2 1/2 year old female cat, Alley who would have nothing to do with my resident 9 month old male kitten. I kept them in separate rooms for the first few days and then started carrying them around so that each could see each other. They seemed interested so I would put them in the same room with supervision but they would just sit and stare at each other for about three days. Persi would try to go up to Alley who would then hiss at him and strike out and he would back off and the staring would begin again. Also, Alley was always hiding under whatever she could. Just a few days ago things started getting better as if my magic. In fact, they are now sharing the same litter box and food and water bowls. Alley has this strange habit of always shaking her tail which Persi thinks is a feather so he always wants to play with her tail which she does not approve of but they are getting closer daily. I am sure in a few days I will be able to get a photo of them cuddling which just goes to show you how optimistic I have become in just a few days since being so down and depressed.
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I'd separate them if you can't supervise for a few weeks if all goes well. Since Radar is a neutered male, you should have a quicker time of adjusting to each other (better then if he was a female).

Charlie was kept by himself for about a week if we couldn't watch all of them and he slept in the library on the chair at nite.

Ling started play chasing him 4 days after we got him. With Keno (the lab), Charlie and her were buddies from about the 2nd day.

Within 3 weeks all of them are fine together and no supervision is necessary.

Don't forget to post pictures of the two
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Many thanks everyone! I am really looking forward to this (please someone remind me I said that if I'm on here wailing about anything next week )

And rest assured, there will be photos
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