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Originally Posted by ReesesPBC View Post
I just remembered that I get these little frozen chicken and turkey pot pies that I love. I think they're made by Swanson. Not sure if that counts as a "frozen meal" though, but it only takes 4 minutes in the micro.
Yum!!! I use to love those!!! I would micro them and then dump them over some rice. Tasty!
I"m also a sucker for the hungry man fried chicken meals. I loved those!!!! (of course this is coming from someone who cant' cook )
Can't eat them now though. Those definitely aren't on my diet!

Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I usually don't mind frozen pizza..but any frozen meat is just toooooooo much.. It tastes so fake.
My ex used to work in a food factory where they made frozen lasagnas for a company who shall remain nameless..BUT he said that it was so hot working over the vats of sauce that they would actually SWEAT INTO THE LASAGNA SAUCE!!!
Ummm....none for me please.
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Stouffers mac and cheese is ok but if you have to wait for it to cook in eoven you could have boiled noodles, grated cheddar and other cheeses, made the white sauce and baked it yourself and have lots of leftovers!!
Neil used to work at a pickle factory and he said some of the pickles would be in the vats for years plus some of the guys would pee in the vats!!
Amy's frozen stuff is good too.
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There are a few frozen dinners I like. Michilinas (I know I spelled that wrong) shrimp and penni with red peppers, Michilinas shrimp (or is it chicken) alfredo with wine sauce those I like. But here lately I have been eating South Beach Diet wrap sandwich kits Grilled Chicken Caesar yummy.
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If you try Claim Jumper or Marie Callender's I promise, you won't be put off.
These are a tiny bit more work than your standard preheat and throw it in the oven dinners, but they are truly top notch.

Having eaten at both Claim Jumper's and Marie Callender's restaurants, I can honestly say that the quality is maintained in their frozen foods.
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
The only frozen dinners I like that actually taste GOOD are Marie Callendar's (SP) and they have 8 zillion calories each!
I love the Roasted Chicken!!!
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Originally Posted by Sibohan2005 View Post
I only buy frozen meals from a place called M&M Meats here. They have excelent Cabage rolls and Catelonni are very good.
Don't buy their frozen lasagna
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Yeah most frozen dinners are yucky..not to mention bad for you
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Well, I belong to the "Eat a lot of frozen dinners" group, and while I agree that many many many of them are , there are quite a few I like. Stouffers Mac N Cheese, and I agree its better well done. I like the desserts/corn/potatoes that come in Swanson dinners, but never the entrees blah. Presidents Choice makes a number of delicious frozen entrees imo: Mac & Cheese, Regular Lasagne, Chicken Biryani, Butter Chicken....
Admittedly they dont taste as good as the 1 hr cooking alternative, but Im happy to sacrifice some taste for that much convenience....As far as leftovers go....Im sure it IS all in my head, but I can *ALWAYS* taste at least some fridge-taste in leftovers and that grosses me out hugely!

Ahem, and that applies to anyones leftovers in anyones fridge.....not just me having a dirty fridge lol!
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I like Marie Callendar's. They taste better than anything I could make on my own.
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