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i think imma be a vet what u guys think??

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well everyone i am almost graduating even tho i should have last year but didnt becausse of my highschool and this year i went on cyber school and its going good or was until i found this site but anyways my moms been telling me to be a vet because I animals but I am saying that I might get to emotional and she did tell me that I can choose not to euthanize unless I really have to !!! and i have been going over this in my mind now for sometime and then today I randonly get a thing from a vet school here in pittsburgh so of course i went to the site and requested information I would love helping animals u kno i might get somehwat emotional sometimes but in what job do u not I did want to be a social worker and I just changed my mind about that it was like i lost interest and everyone tried to talk me out of it and it got a little crazy so now i am debating in my mind i want everyones opinion it was either this or something with crime but with crime i dont know.....hmmm....to be a vet or not to be a vet that is the question my mom thinks i should because for some reason i have a connection with animals..no matter where we go animals come to me it was liek that getting her cats and my grandma got a little mad too but hey i helped choose their kitties !!!! So what do u guys think???

o and I forgot to add that I nursed willie back to health as well and i think thats what made my mom think of me being a vet i was given round the clock care and everything, and also when all the animals are sick im the one usually taken care of them, and blues not been feeling good because she eats to fast so she comes to curl up on my lap when shes not feeling well my mom finds it funny
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well you have the heart for it ... if I am not mistaken you have to go thru two or four yrs of regular college then apply to vet school.. maybe you would want to become a tech first
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It sounds like you have the potential to be a vet, so I say go for it!
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i already got a phone call back and this place is a vet technicion school it is called Vet Tech Institute and the campus is downtown from here, and the lady was like I take it u are an animal lover and I told her all my animals and she was like yes u need to be here it doesnt sound bad she does want me to set up an interview on the phone and one for at their campus, which for fall registration might be hard for me to do because well my drivers are well my dad works and my mom refuses to drive downtown and my brother who complains he has no life has to take my nephew to get his tonsuls out next week, whys everything gotta happen next week i submited my request info at 11 or so and well the lady called me at 1:26, i was thinking man that was quick i cant even get in touch with my mom to tell her whats going on her cell phone is shut off i left her a message tho saying why does she have a cell phone if it is always off so i do want to do the on the phone interview and take it from there because next week is a hard one, hmm maybe my uncle will drive me i am his god child and i am trying to get him to get a tattoo i keep telling him we will go together for ours and he thinks i am joking we can have a day out on the town but now I really got to figure things out so I got all this information from this lady well her information and she really wants me to set up an interview so i gotta figure this all out soon so keep ur fingers crossed and telll me what u all think !!!
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i would go for it if its what you want.
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As a person who aimed for vet school for about 5 years before I changed my mind, here's a little advice. First off, I'm not trying to discourage you at all! I just want to give you a little of my own experience in the area.

The first thing I tell anyone who is interested in being a vet/vet tech is to go and try it out first. A lot of vets are happy to let people volunteer in their offices, and good ones will tell you about the business and let you watch surgeries and such. That's the easiest way I know to know if you're at all cut out for the business - and the quickest weed-out I know of if you're not.

I would say that loving animals is not enough, in fact, loving animals too much can make the job impossible. As a vet, you will eventually have to face the decision to put an animal down, and you won't be able to save them all. Ask yourself if you could live with those choices - my decision not to go to vet school came after realizing that I couldn't live myself if I lost an animal due to some (perceived) fault of my own.

Also, while this doesn't necessarily apply to being a vet tech, getting into vet school requires top grades - its harder to get into vet school than it is to get into medical school, because there are fewer vet schools. You will have to work extra hard and get great grades, as well as all the veterinary experience you can to make yourself the most appealing candidate. My school here is home to one of the best vet schools in the nation, so I have a lot of exposure to the academic criteria necessary.

Now, if all that hasn't scared you away and made you even more excited to do it, then go for it! Vet school isn't for everyone, but we always need great vets and great vet techs and it takes a special person to be able to do it. Don't get discouraged because its difficult if you really want to do it, because if you want it, you can do it. Best of luck to you in whatever you decide to do!
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