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Diareah question

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Poor kitty
Mistoflees is almost 15 years old. Over the last year or so, his tummy's gotten real sensitive. There's certain wet foods he just can't have- it gives him horrible cramps and runny stools. I know it's the food b/c he'll go a day with it- and then it's done and he's back to his old self.

I just don't know what to do. I fed him the wrong food AGAIN, so he's sick today I've tried to keep track of what he can and can't eat, but sometimes I screw up and give him the wrong stuff.

I hate to take him off wet food altogether. It's his favorite food. And frankly- I have no idea how much time he has left. This could be (though the vet has told me he's ok) a sign that something could be wrong with him, and it would KILL my family to have to put him down (I got him right before dh's 1st 6 month deployment- he's like a 3rd kid to me ) The kids LOVE him, he sleeps on their beds at night.

Can I just take him off of wet food entirely? Or do you think it's ok if I just feed him the same kind of wet food every day? He loves certain people foods (chicken and meat, he'll sit at my feet as I'm making dd's roast beef sandwich every day). But I can't feed him roast beef every day, not at $8 a lb!

The only good thing about taking him off wet food is that Sneaky Pie has a weight problem, and she will inhale his wet food as soon as he's finished with it, and this is after she's polished off a bowl of her own food!
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what is he eating???

when was his last senior blood work??
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Dino had this problem and now I give him a small handfull of biscuits with his wet and that did the trick. Not saying this might work for you but it might be worth a try ? Dino is also a teenager

Good Luck
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If he'll eat the same food every day, that's fine. Mine are picky, so I rotate, but it's okay to limit the rotation to two or three food that you know don't cause him problems.
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You can also try mixing a spoon of mashed pumpkin in with his food. My cat Marley used to get diarrhea on and off. I've been giving him pumpkin with his food everyday for about 3 weeks now and he hasn't had diarrhea once since. It may be worth a try. Although Marley is still young, (He'll be a year in Feb) so since your cat is older I would definately consult with a vet to make sure the diarrhea isn't a symptom of something more serious.
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