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What all should I put on ID tag

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Ok so Ping is still wearing his collar. Still not 100% happy about it (him) but no longer trying to take it off. So at noon I am going into town to get one of the engraved ID tags (small one) for the engraving thingy at the store. So other than his name what all else should be on it. I am not 100% thrilled with my phone number being on it. So could I put my email addy on it? or would that be a bad idea? Anyways what all should I put on it.
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Maybe put your vet's phone # on it?
Clear this with their office first, but most don't mind.
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I'll move this to Care and Grooming for you
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I agree the vet's # and if he takes any meds put it on there too. Or maybe you could put your name so they can look you up in the book if he gets lost.
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My number is unlisted so they couldn't get my number that way. So it looks like my number or the vets number.
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If the vet has your number you should put their number on the tag but also your name so they know who your kitty belongs to!
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If he is an indoors only cat, I STRONGLY urge you not to have a collar on. We almost lost Willy when he was a puppy from a freak accident--- he was about 10 weeks old and had his collar and tags on. My Mother was in the bathroom, so he came in there to be nosy--somehow a piece of his collar got caught on the track to the shower doors, and he was actually hanging there! If we had'nt been home, the outcome would have been tragic. The collar was so stuck that we had to cut it off him! Even with us being there, we almost lost him. So please for the safety of your cat and your own well being, do not put a collar on him if he does'nt go outside. Microchipping is the best way to go IMO.
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I have heard this stated before. But I feel more comfortable with his collar on. Yes he is an indoor cat but there is a chance that he could slip out one day. And I live in a semi rural area where not may people know about microships. And I can not handle the fact someone could find and keep my Ping if he got out because they do not know about scanning for chips.

This is the type collar he has and I am very comfortable with him wearing it:
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when I was going to get IDs made for mine, I was going to put their name on it, my phone number, and their leukemia positive status, I would just feel better putting my number on it as opposed to my vet's cause that way if a kitty got lost and found I would be notified ASAP, I just wouldn't want anything to get "lost in the shuffle" ya know?
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The phone number is the most essential thing to put on there. An email address isn't a good idea, since it's possible whoever found him wouldn't have access (or immediate access) to email. So it needs to be the phone number and your address. You don't have to put your name on there... you can just put the cat's name, phone number and address.

I wouldn't keep a collar on an indoor-only cat, either. It seems unfair to make them wear something uncomfortable for their whole lives, when it isn't necessary.
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this is what's on mine

If you see me
outside I am lost

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Ok I put his name and the home number on it. I picked the smallest tag they had. Its about the overall size of a nickel. Heart shaped (only shape they had that small).
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The experts say (such as Kittens for Dummies) to definately NOT put the cat's name on the ID because if the finder decides they want to keep the cat, knowing the cat's name will make it easier for them to bond with your cat.
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I put my cell number on Dusty's. I figure I might move, but I'm not likely to change my cell number any time soon.

She has lost her collar twice, and both times I got the cell call and got it back. Each time it was in a neighbor's back yard.
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seeing how cats can sometimes travel we did put the kitties name, our phone number, and our address just to be safe Willie has traveled to a whole other area once and this time he was microchipped and he didnt have his tags but did have a collar so instead becauase of no tags he was taken to the ARL at least and they found the microchip and found out that he was ours and they had him and he was in this area somewhere we just dont know where but we still feel comfortable putting tags on them just in case now and they all have collars except for Bella and Stormie because they refuse to put them on but Stormie doesnt even like to go downstairs and Bella I just have to get her use to the collar but I keep an eye on her closely when she does venture downstairs
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All of our cats have collars and tags. I would never let them outside but if for some reason, they managed to slip out, it could mean the difference between me getting them back or not.
I've been debating the microchip for a long time because I should've done it when they were fixed but wasn't thinking about it at the time, and now I don't know how much it'd hurt them to have it done.
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Originally Posted by Persi View Post
The experts say (such as Kittens for Dummies) to definately NOT put the cat's name on the ID because if the finder decides they want to keep the cat, knowing the cat's name will make it easier for them to bond with your cat.
if someone so heinous as that finds my cat, i'd just as soon make it easier on my babies by letting them keep their names.
an honest person is going to return the cat, regardless. knowing the name may calm my pet somewhat. i know that it's not recommended, but if they're going to keep the cat, knowing the name or not knowing the name will not make a difference to them.
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Yeah, I don't think knowing the cat's name would make a difference -- either in the person's decision to keep the cat or in how the cat bonds. After all, many cats are renamed when they're adopted, and they bond just fine. All it takes is time, food and affection.

Knowing the cat's name might even make the person feel guilty about keeping the cat... if the collar doesn't already do that. I don't believe there are a lot of catnappers out there, personally.
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I always had my phone #, and address. It's a good idea to include the vet's name and # on there too.
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