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I am back

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Well everyone this is Skittles mom and to make a long story short I have been gone due to a personal issue which I hope and pray I never go through again. I am however pregnant and due in 8 weeks. I have made a few really bad choices in my life the last 2 years and now it is time for me to take control and get back in to a good direction. I will post new pictures of Skittles and her babies later on. I kept 2 of them Taffy and RuntZ but the others have been adopted out. I went ahead and found a vet who would fix them all at If I am correct 9 weeks. She and all the babies where fixed and at 12 weeks went on to great homes. I miss them but I know I did the best for them. Thank you all for letting me pop in here again I missed it .
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Hi! I noticed the Skittles thread had reappeared. Nice to see you back and hope the next 8 weeks go well for you.
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Hey! Good to see you back! I had been wondering where you disappeared to! Congrats on the baby!
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Welcome back, it's great to have you back! Good luck with the next 8 weeks.
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Thank you I also hope so because it is hard on me and alone is hard also but I have my friends and my Best Friend Rob is here now also. He is like my guard dog LOL.
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Things will all work out for you! And you have us to lean on again!
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Hey, welcome back! I missed seeing your cute sig around!

Glad to hear that Skittles et at are doing well - good luck on your own birth experience!
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Welcome back I can't wait to see pictures of the kitties
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Welcome back!!
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Welcome Back, Congratulations on your pregnancy, Good Luck!
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Welcome back to TCS. We've missed ya around here. Congrats on your pregnancy. Do you know what you're having? I've missed Skittles pictures. Glad you're back!!
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Its great to have you back Jenny, I am so sorry you had a hard time, but its all over now, you have a new baby to look forward to and its going to have a bunch of beautiful brothers to take care of it.
Looking forward to seeing updated pics!
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Hi Jenny! We've missed you, and wondered where you've been... Congrats on finding your little Skit-lette's homes, and congrats on the new baby!
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Jenny, we're all glad to have you back...........!!!
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Hi Jenny! Glad to have you back, good luck on your pregnancy!
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Welcome back Jenny ...
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Congratulations and welcome back!
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Welcome back! Many many many times I've wondered how Skittles & the babies, as well as you were doing!
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Hola Jenny, y bienvenida de nuevo a TCS!..
(Translate: Hi Jenny, and Welcome Back to TCS again!!!.....)
you were missed here!
See you around!
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Good to have you back. It is good to hear that things are getting better for you. Congrats on the new little one.
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I was wondering where you went. I'm glad you're back and Skittles and her babies are doing good. Good luck with the pregnancy!
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I am due end March beginning of may with a little girl. I missed everyone here. Long story and I do not wish to relive it I just want to continue on with like. I hope everyone is doing well. So what did I miss.

Yes skittles and all the kittens where fixed at 9-10 weeks can not recall. All have homes. I kept 2 my sister took 1 and the others where adopted to my family and friends and they all got vaccinated. It wiped me out a few weeks but I know it was best. I did not need more kittens LOL...
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Welcome back! Congrats on your pregnancy and I hope you have an easy delivery.
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Hey Sweetheart

Welcome back , I was wondering what happened to you. I hope everything is okay..and that your boys are good too

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Welcome back and congrast on the baby.
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Hey hun, welcome back!! Sorry to hear you have had a difficult situation lately. Congrats on the baby!!
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Welcome back and congrats on the baby.
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From one Jenny to another - welcome back where you belong!
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Welcome back and I hope your life settles down for you SOON!!
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I'm so glad you've popped back in...you were not forgotten, Jenny! I've been wondering about you and Skittles/Skittlets for a while now...

Congrats on your new upcoming little girl bundle! Let us know how these remaining 8 weeks are going or you!
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