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Cats and Newborn babies????

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I know there is an old wives tale that cats will jump on a babies mouth and smother them, because of the taste of milk..I do not think it is true..but I want to ask opinions on it. My daughter is due March 30th and I want to put our minds at ease. My kitties are very good and I cannot imagine them doing something like that. What do you think?
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I think that is as you say an Old Wives' Tale. But you should be careful with cats and babies, though 99% of the time everything is fine. I had two cats when my daughter was born and never had any trouble, though the cats were not allowed in the nursery for basic hygiene reasons, and extra care should be taken with cleaning litter boxes etc. There are occasional stories of cats attacking babies or toddlers for no apparent reason, and I think animals and small children should be supervised at all times when together, for the safety of both species! But I have never understood those who say they have to get rid of the cat because they are pregnant.
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You received some great advice from Jenny I don't have anything else to add, but wanted to welcome you to the site
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My daughter let her cats look at her baby the day she came home. They mostly just sniffed her little feet and looked at her. One of them just ignores her and the big male beacame her guardian kitty and after 2 years, still is. Neither of them have ever done anything to hurt her and her kitty just goes away if he gets too much of her loving on him. They nap together on the couch, him at her feet, her with her hand usually grasping his tail. She is learning early that you be sweet to kitty or he will not play with you. It is so cute. They are always supervised, though, since she is becoming a rambunctious 2 year old and we don't want any accidents, but so far so good. The only thing he will do to her is if he thinks she is too close to the front door, he will push her down and sit on her. He hates to go out, and hates it when she does. Good luck on your new arrival.
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Welcome to TCS
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My first introductions when I was brought home were to the cat and the dog. They were allowed to sniff me and mom took my hand and ran it over their fur. They became my guardians and could be found under my bassinet whenever company came.

I have heard of some parents who put a screen door to the baby's room as a way to keep the cats from climbing in with the baby and it also allows the cats to sniff the new odors associated with the baby.

Most importantly, do not neglect the cats! They are your kids, too, even if they have fur and meow!
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS!..
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!.....)

See you on the forums!
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Hi welcome to TCS!
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Hello! Looks like you've gotten some great advice, hope to see you around the forums!
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Dear Laurie and family:

That "tale" is absolutely untrue. Actually, cats stand far more chance of being harmed by humans, especially undisciplined children, than human children do by cats. Teaching compassion, kindness, and gentleness to children is the way to make the world a better place! I grew up in a house where a cat was already living; my parents taught me right from the start to be caring, gentle, and sensitive to him, and it made all the difference in my life, and in the lives of many wonderful cats, including my current Nine! Many, many cats are abandoned by heartless people who simply do not educate themselves about the subject of life with cats and children; it's pandemic here, and it needs to be stopped!
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You've had some great advice there. I haven't had a kitty with a small baby - our youngest was two years when we had our first family kitty, but there were never any problems.

Welcome to the site
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Thankyou so much for your are sssoooo right!!...I am going to email ur reponse to my family members (mother-in-law) and hopefully put the issue to rest. I know these cats I have are going to be just fine. They all came from rescues, and we showed them love and gave them a good home. I think inturn they will show that they can be trusted. Thanks again!
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Most kitties are happy to leave well enough alone! I'm sure your kitties and the baby will become the best of friends over time!

Let us know how your daughter goes with the birth!
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Dear Laurie:

Always glad to be of help to cats and those who care for them. To me, cats are beloved family members, not "pets" or second-class citizens of any kind. An adoption commitment is for LIFE, only to be broken in case of a life-threatening crisis (to the cat, not me!). Other family members have to agree with that, and plans all are made around that commitment, which does not change. My cats depend on me and I on them -- we're a team! So if there are "accidents", problems or whatever, they just have to be dealt with, because you just don't abandon a family member! What I don't want done to me, I don't do to others...
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I Could Not Have Said It Better!!! My Cats Are Very Important To Me And I Love Them Dearly!!
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Welcome to TCS! Hopefully your question was answered, and your mind was put at ease.

Congratulations on your new baby!
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