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broody male cat?

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hi all, i have been trying to find out what exactly is wrong with my cat George since i became pregnant he constantly wants to sit on me, before it used to be my lap now its my stomach. As he is heavy it hurts to have him there so i have to push him down. yesterday i pushed him down 6 times in literaly 3mins. is this normal? i have never had a cat/known to do this at all.

worried fairuzalea
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Well I´m not sure if its to do with your pregnancy but I wonder if its just a new phase your kitty is growing into ? Dino my oldest cat, is a big mummys boy, but he never used to be, in fact, he was a tad grumpy and used to swipe out at you more often than not.
Now, everywhere I go he´s there, he´s with me now, he managed to get squashed up behind me on my chair - and I cant tell you there aint much room left after my butt gets sat down
How old is your cat now ?
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My sisters cats were all over her tummy when she was pregnant. I recently read a story in a magazine where the normally unfriendly cat would sit on the ladys belly, then one day started meowing alot and minutes later her water broke.
After the baby was born the cat went back to being unfriendly.
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It very well be your pregnancy, you now smell different and to some cats, they want all the attention that they can get. I don't understand why, but sometimes that is what happens.

You may need to keep an eye on the cat after the baby is born. Not that the cat will hurt the little one, but he may want to sleep with the baby.
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That is one of the most beautiful things I have heard! I am only a mom to my cats and know how they long for the beat of your heart when they are very young, Maia slept right on my chest every night as a kitten. She still tries to curl up and stand on my chest not realizing the 6 pound difference now! Seems you have a serrogate parent, I'm sure the warmth also is attractive.
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When my daughter was pregnant, her big male cat liked to rub her belly with his paws, and lay his head on it. This is the same cat that loves the baby so much.
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Here's my theory - the heartrate of an unborn baby (depending on the stage of your pregnancy) is faster than yours, and is in fact around the same as that of a cat. The cat's very sensitive senses can detect this, and snuggling up to your tummy probably reminds him of being snuggled up to his mum, and hearing and feeling her heartbeat when he was a helpless little kitten, and he finds it comforting.

Just my opinion!
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Smell and sound and touch... Cat's world.

They notice differences; your belly's different now. So he had to investigate it and--"Hey, this pregnant-belly thing Mom's got is pretty cool!" so he snuggles up to you. Pretty natural.

Maybe he can get his snuggle time in when you're lounging on the couch?
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hi all. my cat is about two years old he's always been a mummies boy lol but has never done the sitting on my belly thing as much as recently infact i just had to put him on floor couple of mins ago due to my daughter now wanting to sit on my knee lol, im now 37weeks. i feel i will have to keep an open eye on george when my baby is born as in the past i have found male cats pay more attention to babies than females.

thanx guys to your replys

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