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Snow reaches Suisse Normande

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Last night it began to snow, and by this morning it was white everywhere and very icy on top. I put a warm rug on Maisie before letting her out so she won't catch a chill again. The ponies are not quite sure what to make of the snow and the cats are watching it through the window. I had promised to take my neighbour down to the nearest town to see his lawyer -his wife of 25 years walked out on him last Friday, taking the car and the dog (his birthday present so he is very upset) and leaving only a short note saying she doesn't want to live with him any more. I was really scared when I saw the snow but we set off very carefully and the wonderful jeep behaved beautifully. I got supplies for the animals in case we are really snowed in.

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What a lovely snowfall! as dangerous as it is, it is so much prettier with the ice on top, adds a luminous quality glad your drive went well, and the ponies are definitely looking their they're thinking "get me the heck out of this"!
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WOW, Jenny, that is a LOT of snow! Glad the ponies are doing okay in it... you stay safe!
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Oh what a beautiful picture. Your ponies look wonderful! Stay warm and safe!
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Wow the picture looks like its snowing pretty hard. My neighbor has two horses and she only has a small shelter (not enclosed) for them. I have noticed though that her horse trailer and the horses are gone so she must be boarding them somewhere-I thought about them when the weather is cold and snowy!
It dosn't bother me driving in snow except at night when its coming down slanted into the windshield-one has to really pay attention then.
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That is a lot of snow! Good thing you have a Jeep. The ponies look like they'll huddle close and keep each other warm.
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Jenny, it looks so pretty, Be safe!
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Oh crikey Jenny look at that!!

I'm please you got back with your supplies safe and sound.
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What a pretty picture Stay safe
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The ponies sure don't look like they know what to do with all that snow! I'm glad your drive went OK & that you are safe!
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Snow looks ever so beautiful from the safety and warmth of your house !
Take care and snuggle down !
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That looks like a lot of snow!! How much do you ususally get there?

Stay safe hun
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Tonight we have 8 inches of snow, with more forecast tomorrow and a temperature of -6C for tonight. I would not want to go out tomorrow, it is down a half mile of steep hill from me even to get to the forest road, which has a steep drop on one side down to a stream, and then it is another good mile to the village on a very small road. And another two miles to the nearest shops. So we will all stay snug and warm here. Winter is beautiful if you don't have to go anywhere. Stay safe everyone, and I really feel for those of you who have to go to work!
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I see we're not the only ones being "snowed in"! I just looked outside, and my estimate is 35 to 40 cm (13.7 to 14.7 inches)! Yikes! I'm so happy that I'm out sick this week, and don't have to try to get into work in this mess!
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