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Lovely Mia...

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hi Mia nice to meet you
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Awwwww Mia you are so lovely
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Mia is very pretty
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She is gorgeous!
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She's got fantastic ears! Very pretty cat you have there
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She's so pretty
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Came across a few more Mia pics to share with y'all...

She had a little owie on her neck and I bandaged it up so she wouldn't scratch it raw (which she had been doing!)

Gettin' some love from big bro Alex Jr. (check out her spikey collar )

Spendin' some time with her meowmie, Naomi

Hilda >^..^<

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A beautiful girl!!!
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Awwww.... I love that spiky collar Give her a kiss on the nose for me won't you? She's adorable!
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How adorable is this picture of Mia upside down?
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Originally Posted by Hilda>^..^< View Post

I love this pic of Mia!
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Well, hello beautiful Mia. It's wonderful to see you.
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Wow, Mia looks like a short hair version of our beloved Sweety.......

We lost Sweety last christmas and I found my Maia!
Mia meet Maia.......

I love tortoise shell kitties! She is beautiful!
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aww.. what a beauty Mia is!!
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What a sweet little face! Hi Mia!
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How have i missed this little cherub!!. Isn't she gorgeous in her spiked collar
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