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My cat Cricketa has a small(size of celery seed)lump in the inner outside corner of her lower eyelid. I am not too concerned because she seems to be feeling fine, and there is no discharge really, just normal black kitty eye crustys from time to time. I was just wondering what it could be. I am really poor so please dont say "Just bring her to a vet". I love her dearly but times have been rough for me and I simply dont have the money to shell out for something that could be nothing. If she gets really ill I will find the money somehow...even if I dont eat for a week...but now she is healthy and feeling fine. So I was just curious...could it be a blocked tear duct or something? Perhaps a small wart? I mean you cant see it, but when I went to wipe away her eye crustys I felt it. Its in the corner part of the eye where all the crustys usually accumulate in know the place...LOL.