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I want to go to a TICA cat show

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However, the sad thing is, I have no way to find out when and if they have any in Los Angeles. I may want to go to a CFA show at some point, but since I have Bengals, I want to see a cat show where both Bengal's and Siamese are represented, and you can't see that at CFA shows. I could only go on a Saturday, and since I have a phobia about Freeway driving, I want to go to a show that is a non freeway drive in the Hollywood/Beverly Hills area. How would I find out about upcoming TICA shows?

The only animal shows I have ever gone to in my life have been horse shows when I was a child, and a dog show with my friend who bred Golden Retrievers. I remember I had a fun time. I don't remember if I had to pay. I do know that most of the people who were showing the dogs had SUV's where they hung out between times that their dogs appeared and that the dog show was held outside, and not inside, and I remember it was out a ways from Los Angeles.
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Here is TICA's list of 2007 shows ... maybe you can find one in your area?

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Beat me to it - all you have to do is go to the various associations and check their show calendars:

CFA - Cat Fanciers Association

ACFA - American Cat Fanciers Association

TICA - The International Cat Association.

BTW ACFA now accepts the bengals for showing, so you can check and see if they have any California ACFA shows too
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I wonder why TICA doesn't show right in Los Angele? The closest I saw was Arcadia. Actually, it doesn't look like they have many shows at all. I can't even see the one's that Nial and Terry are going to. I wonder if there are shows that just aren't listed. Are most cat shows out in the boonies?
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We're going to the Destiny cat show at Ft Walton Beach, FL. It's on the show calendar listing for January. I just went to the TICA site to check.

Arcadia is a popular show venue. They have them there quite a bit. Maybe you can go with a friend and they can drive?

CFA may show in L.A., but of course no bengals. Plenty of Meezers though, I bet.
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Depends on a lot of things - hotel availability, show halls (size). Lots of places don't want to accomodate cat or dog shows cause of the mess. Sometimes inner city hotels don't allow pets - so that leaves out close by hotels for out of town people.

And there has been cases where a cat club has come into a facility and left a mess and the owners ban ALL future shows becuase of the disrespect of one or two clubs.

If you've ever been a member of a cat club, you'd know how difficult it can be to find decent show halls to accomodate a show.

In MN we have several places that hold shows (various clubs - CFA or ACFA) - ST. Paul is one, Maple Grove and Farmington are the others.
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