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cat furniture and scratching posts

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I'm sorry this is probably a very boring subject, but I really need to find some good looking (is there such a critter) cat furniture. We live in a very small area that has NO retail outlets for any pet needs other than the basic food and litter box ones.

I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder so forgive me if I step on someone's asthetic toes here. I would like to find something that doesn't look like a carpeted totum pole with giant holes in it. I mean I know the most important thing is for the cats to be happy and use their furniture, but I would hope they would be happy using something that's a little better looking than some of the stuff I see in the catalogs. There must be some manufacturers who make interesting and better looking furniture. I also want to get a scratching post or two and wonder if anyone can offer suggestions as to where there might be a good supply on the internet. We do live in an area where there's a good supply of driftwood and I was wondering about using some of that. Anyway, all suggestions would be greatly apprecialted.

Thanks so much,
Barbara "Mupcat"
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To advertise a little for Anne's (& Hissy's) new website venture, check out the listings on Meowhoo http://www.meowhoo.com/Cat_Furniture/index.html for Cat Furniture. Angelical Cats has some AMAZING cat trees (about 1/2 down the 1st page), that really are quite attractive. Of course, so are the prices.

I know that somewhere I found a site that tells you how to build your own scratching posts and stuff from driftwood and such. That would be a great scratching post for them since it would be what they would use outside, all natural. You do have to cure it and make sure there are no creepy crawlies still in it, but I'm not sure how.
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Hi Barbara! Really cool indoor cat furniture I just saw earlier at


And you can design your own, and they'll build it? I think it said that. Also can come disassambled, to help on shipping costs.

And Heidi's right - Anne and Hissy created a cat resource website. It pulls together providers, to make it easier for people searching.

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Thanks Heidi and Laurie! I'm on my way as fast as my little fingers can carry me!
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Did you see, we are up to 614 listers now! Mupcat, I signed on some new cat merchants today that make incredible cat trees! One was 5 stories high! www.Meowhoo.com is where you can find our Cat Directory.
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Laurie, those are so cool! Especially for limited living space.

I've been checking out some of those sites on Meowhoo, and I need to get another job so I can get this stuff for my kitties! LOL
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Great Hissy, I'm going to have a great selection to choose from. Sure wish we had some places here, but this will certainly do.
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