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Need Some Food Suggestions/Info. Innvoa Evo? Long!

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Hi all. I'm new here, but I've been reading for a week or so, and it seems like there's alot of knowledgable people on this forum, so I decided to join and post .

I'm trying to decide what food to keep 2 of my cats on at the moment. I'll give a little backround info. first.

Toby, who is 3, is a BIG cat. He weighs about 14-15lbs., and it's all muscle, so he's not overweight.
I had him on 1/3 cup (AM/PM) Science Diet Light Hairball Control for about 1 1/2yrs. (on Science Diet Kitten til he was 1, then switched to the Light Hairball Control from then on til 2wks. ago), and he did well on that.
I started reading and found that alot of people don't like the Science Diet foods, so I looked into something new, and of better quality.
I had heard the Innova Evo was a good food, so I bought a bag and started gradually switching him over. He seems to really like the food, and is doing well on it.

He's now on 1/3 cup of the Evo twice a day. Sometimes I'll give him wet food (Eukanuba brand) at night instead of the Evo. Mind you, this has all been going on for only 2wks., so I'm still trying to figure out if I need to give him more food, or maintain the 1/3 cup. He doesn't seem to be loosing any weight, and he hasn't had any stomach 'issues' that I've seen. He's always been the kind of cat to eat all of his food in one sitting, then go around the house to see if we've left any of the other cats (we have 3 total) food out for him to eat . I just feel like I'm not giving him enough food!

So, any suggestions on if I should continue the Evo, or switch to a different brand of dry food? I've read that the Evo contains alot of ash, is really rich, and that some cats don't tolerate it well. Toby seems to be doing fine on it, and I haven't noticed him drinking anymore than usual. I have started doing the wet food at night for the past 5 days, and he seems fine on that as well. Any suggestions on a good quality wet food as well? Or is Eukanuba ok? I've been giving him the small (3oz.) can of the Cuts with Chicken & Liver in Gravy. Is that enough, or should I give him the next size up? I know I should probably go to my vet about all of this, but they really push the Science Diet foods, so I decided to come here first.

Now, onto my kitten, Sneak. I have him on the Iams Kitten food right now. I brought him home pretty unexpectedly, and asked my boyfriend to get the most expensive food they sold at Harris Teeter, and that's what he brought home. I'd like to switch him to something more high quality, what does everyone suggest? I know I can feed him the Evo as well, what does everyone think of kittens on it? As far as wet food for him, what does everyone recomend?

Phew. Ok, I think I'm done! If I left anything unanswered, let me know and I'll answer! Any suggestions would be great!
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Try switching the kitten to EVO ... I do really like it for kittens provided there tummys can handle it ...

for the other one try EVO wet ( dog and cat cans are the same so save $$ and buy a big dog can ) .... 1/3 of a cup seems about right but that is a ask your vet question... Eukanuba is full of by products and I think the canned evan has corn;(

Cats need to be supervised for wt loss by a VET..

I do advocate finding a vet who has researched nutrition or is willing to help look at a different nutritional thinking ...

I am only a PM away

Welcome to TCS
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Alright. Sneak seems to like to Evo, I actually just fed Toby, and Sneak's RUNNING for his bowl (Toby's) and trying to sneak (no pun intended..) some of Toby's food.

The dog and cat cans are the same? Wow. That's a good tip!

I'm not really trying to get Toby to lose weight, just trying to maintain it. I love my vet, so I really don't want to switch. I haven't really talked to them about any different foods, just listened to them when they suggested the Science Diet food. They're a dealer of SD, so that's probably why they push it to pet owners, I would think.
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I find a lot of vets are likely to not recommend Evo purely because of the calories per cup (they feel that you have to feed so little cup-wise that the cat will not be satisfied with the amount in their tummy etc).

As long as you are not trying to get them to lose weight, just keep an eye on them and make sure they do not gain on Evo (mine get 1/2 cup each per day and do well on that with no wet food)
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Alright, gotcha.
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