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New Job Vibes

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It'd take WAY too long to list all the reasons why I need a new job!!!

I've been hunting for awhile now and have had a few "close-but-no" jobs where I went into second and third interviews and then they chose someone WITHOUT a Masters Degree, probably because they can pay them less.

This week I have a THIRD interview on Thursday and am also expecting a phone call from an interview I had last week....

At this point, I'm more concerned about my happiness and on building some momentum in my career than making a ton of money: though both jobs have full benefits, which is great because having me on my husband's plan is super expensive.

I'm not entirely certain which one at this point would be more money or which one I want more. Gosh, it would be great to have TWO offers and be able to take my pick!!!

Send those TCS vibes my way, they've always worked before!!!
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Tons coming your way!!
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Sending new job vibes. We know you deserve it (as well as Emma, Oliver and DH)
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I'll send you job vibes, if you send some my way too!

Best of luck!
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I'm sending you get that great job vibes too!!!
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Sending you lots of job vibes! {{{ }}}
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Sending you get the job vibes...Good luck, let us know
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Good luck! I've been there... I hate job searching
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Sending lots of great job vibes your way!
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New Job vibes for you!!!
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Lots of job vibes coming to you
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))))))))))))))))))))))) (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Sending lots and lots of good vibes on the way!!

keep us updated about it!!
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Sending many {{{{find an awesome job that you love}}}} vibes sweety!!
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{{{New job vibes}}} comin' your way!
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Alrighty, so I have an interview today at 3:15, should be getting a call tomorrow about a job I interviewed for last week, and got a call today about a job that I'm interviewing for on Monday morning!!!

The law of probability tells me ONE of these has got to stick!!! I'm selling myself to the highest bidder at this point, lol!

Vibes pleeeeease!
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