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inducing vomiting

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Had an experience today, thought I'd share it in case it helps someone in the future.

A good friend of mine's cat swallowed a rubber band this morning. She called the vet, who told her in induce vomiting by pouring hydrogen peroxide down her throat, two teaspoons at a time until she threw up. I went to her house to do it, because I have so much experience medicating cats.

We gave her two teaspoons at a time, letting her walk around inbetween watching her to see if she would vomit. We did it about five times. After the fifth time she threw up once- just the hydrogen peroxide, then a few minutes later she vomited huge... it was so gross and foamy... but there were two pieces of rubber band in it!

FYI, we started inducing vomiting a half hour after she ate the rubber band. It wouldn't have worked if it had already gone into her digestive track.
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never heard of this.. . .if a vet suggested it - and they were reliable, then go for it.
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I will hafta ask my vet about that the next time Opie has to go to the vet. I wonder if it would work on dogs too?
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We have had to do this to my dog...it is amazing how quickly it works.
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I had to do this recently with my kitty. Because of a liver shunt he isn't allowed regular cat food as it causes him to have seizures. Needless to say he got into something and I called the vet and she recommended the peroxide. I was uneasy doing it but within 5 minutes of the first dose up came about 12 pieces of food. I hated doing that to him especially since he didn't feel so hot the rest of the day but at least no seizures.
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Originally Posted by LSULOVER View Post
I will hafta ask my vet about that the next time Opie has to go to the vet. I wonder if it would work on dogs too?
Yes it does work on dogs too!! When my husband and I first moved in together he brought his 16 year old shitzu mix. She was blind but still acted like a pup!! (RIP Cricket) One day, she was outside doing her business and ate some poison that a horrible neighbor had left lying out! We rushed her to the vet as soon as she ingested it, and this is the exact same thing they did for her.

They took a large syringe and shot peroxide into her throat and within minutes there was foamy dog food and poison all over the vets office floor!! Cricket was saved and we were sooo happy!! I would not hesitate to use this method if I ever needed to again!!
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I would suggest caution in following this advice before talking to your vet! It would depend on the weight of the cat, the health of the cat as to how much peroxide would be safe. Because your vet should be alerted any time you decide to self-medicate or try to help you cat out of a bad situation, I would advise you stop and make a quick phone call to find out if this is the way you should proceed.
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