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Flavor of love

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Has anyone but my sister and watched "Flavor of love"??? it's a much music show, where the rap singer "flava flave" tries to find his true love. Apparently it didn't work out so well last season, so they're trying again with another round of 20 women. The last episode aired last Sunday and I missed it...and even though I know who won, I can't wait till tomorrow to see the end. It truly is the most addictive piece of brain candy (sweet but it goes to your hips) out there!
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Hasn't it been over for awhile? I know they came out with I Love New York a week or 2 ago, which is the same type of show, since she was on Flavor of Love the past 2 seasons.

Maybe I'm wrong! I watched Flavor of Love, its so addicting, but it was always good for a few laughs
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He is so annoying! I can't watch that show.
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I need to start watching "I Love New York"! I have the eps on my DVR
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I love New York is the BEST! OMG talk about a train wreck. The editing of this show is so funny to me. These people are so crazy!
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Flavor of love was in a rerun before i love new york aired. I love watching these shows just because of the idioucy of people hehe, kind of like watching american idol to see the fools make fools of themselves
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I love NY?? wholy moly! what am I missing...gotta see if it's available here!
That'd be funny
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Originally Posted by babygirl View Post
He is so annoying! I can't watch that show.
me too. i think the whole thing is just stupid

I dont mean to offend anyone who enjoys the show though.
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I watch because I dont like him and I want to see him get burned
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I watch it once in a while. Flave's alright, but I think it's gross that he sleeps around so much.
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well, it appears you guys are is over, but not on any channels that I get. SO I get to watch the episode tomorrow.
Looking forward to I love NY.

As for not liking it, I know where you guys are comming from, but I'm sort of addicted to it's stupidity. The part I don't like about the show is his teeth...I can't imagine kissing someone with those teeth!

I wonder if Flava and Delicious stay together if they'll televise the wedding...I bet they will!
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