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Monday DT

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I noticed that we weren't doing the Daily Thread very regularly in the past couple weeks, so I thought I would start one today.

Well, it is Monday. I'm really tired, as usual for a Monday. I always stay up too late on Friday and Saturday nights, so I can't get to sleep at the right time on Sunday. Right now I don't have a computer of my own at home, since hubby's had a meltdown and I gave up my processor chip so he can still "work." Well, this weekend he set up the laptop so I could surf in the livingroom. Apparently he didn't want me using his computer to just check a couple things. So, since I had the internet in the living room, I spent a good part of this weekend here. Like I'm not here enough during the week.

For the first week of fall, it actually feels like fall. It has been so nice.
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I love fall! It's great out here in nowhere Jersey!

Today was Doctor's, physical therapy for Gary (completed 2nd back surgery on the 13th), and working from the phone while on the go.

Got home, logged on, RAPIDLY took care of biz, and found out Mr. Horsley (who wrote that terrible article about "Osama" the cat in the Amarillo paper) replied to my e-mail! Working furiously now to find him a contact to help him with the cat, which I have asked him to rename Samoa.

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Actually, Mary Anne (Hissy) is working furiously to find a local contact for him.
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Happy Monday everyone! Today has gone by quickly and I'm not complaining. Only 1 more hour left of work. Yeah!

I'll be busy tonight at my condo association board meeting. (Keep you fingers crossed that they are finally getting the ball rolling for getting satellite for everyone) This has been going on for some time due to "lack of interest" by many people in our association, but the good news is that they want to get rid of the individual satellites that everyone has hanging off their balconies, so they are going forward with it anyways. And I'll be glued to the tv tonight to watch Monday night football, thanks to hubby. :LOL:

I hope everyone has a great rest of the day!! Enjoy the fall weather.
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I'm home sick (ugh)

Pink eye and a Major Cold!!!

(can my kitten catch pink eye?!)
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I think I´ catching a cold too! I have little bit fever.Have to go to the bed soon...
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Gosh I hope everyone who is sick gets to feeling better soon! And sarah I hope you get your satellite! Laurie, hope your husband is feeling better and that is great that you got a reply from that guy! I got a reply from the paper he wrote the article for, but not directly from him.
Thanks for starting the thread Heidi, you are right, we haven't had one for awhile.

I have just done nothing but either be online checking to see how Jeanie's grandbaby is, and how the rest of you are doing, or spending time with Amber. I have been singing to her alot lately...she seems to like that! One silly song I do is to the tune of "B-I-N-G-O" I just sing...There was a woman had a girl and Amber was her name-o... A-M-B-E-R, A-M-B-E-R, ect. ect....dumb huh???? :laughing: But she likes it!!!!!!
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Awww, Debby that's cute. What a great mommy you are!
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Debby...not it's not dumb at all. Heck, I sing to Jedi sometimes!

Today was very busy at work...which is good, helps the time go by much more quickly. They FINALLY showed up to fix the plumbing upstairs which collapsed our bathroom wall and ceiling, but haven't yet patched the hole. Supposedly someone was coming this afternoon to do that work, but they never showed up.

So, Mike will be working from home AGAIN tomorrow, since a call to the office late today indicated they would be here in the morning. We'll see.

Still catching up on the Sopranos. Almost done with season 1 and the friend I borrowed it from is bringing in season 2 tomorrow. Between trying to catch up on that and all the new shows this week, I'll be a major couch potato all week!:laughing: :laughing:

Hope everyone has a great Monday night!
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Debby, it's not dumb at all. It's quite cute, actually. My mom sang to me all the time. She sang me to sleep old enough that I can still remember it! I loved it. You're a great mom for singing, and not worrying about being dumb!!!

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Guess I am posting pretty late.

Debby, too cute. And what a perfect name to go with that song! I used to sing to Steven when he was little (still do at times!) and every time I would start singing "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine", he would start to cry. (I think everyone sings this song right??? Anyways, I have a picture of him starting to cry as I'm singing. It was soooo funny. Kind of insulting for me though. I think I sing pretty darn good!

Not much happened today. Had to play 'catch up' as I've been on vacation. The game continues tomorrow. Boy can work pile up fast when you are away.

Hope everyone that is sick feels better soon. My throat actually feels a little odd right now. And if I laugh, I end up coughing so, looks like a cold is on the way.

Have a good evening all.
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Singing, talking, and reading to that baby are 3 of the best things you can do. Some teacher will thank you someday.
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I'm glad to know I'm doing something right!

Ghyslaine, I love that song..."You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey...you'll never know dear, how much I love you...please don't take my sunshine away" it is sooooo sweet!!!! I must be hormonal right now...cause the thought of singing that song to Amber is making me want to cry right now. *sniff* Silly me.

You know, my throat is getting kinda sore tonight too!!! I must be catching whatever it is you guys all have!!!

Carla, hope you get that ceiling all fixed tomorrow!
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I worked, lol :LOL: When I got home, I went to Target after hubby left & got a few items, then stopped at Burger King. Now, I am going to bed. Nitey - Nite!
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