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for your age your doing very well... If I remember correctly Iams in EU in a lot better than here
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Iams is better than Whiskas and may appear at a better price but do not worry, Epona says that Purina one is also good if you are on a budget, I hope you are giving the cat a lot of love and affection as living in a happy loving home is just as important as an nutrition
I'm sure Tyson may fuss over food but this is natural with any cat as most are fussy
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Ok if iams is better ill get him that next time ok
It has like 26%+ meat i think and meat is first i just could't see the instructions properly

Thanks for alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the help everybody
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My cats are on Science Diet Light and I add a bit of the sensitive stomach to the mixture as it prevents them from vomiting too much. I used to have them on Friskies and Whiskas but the food must of been too rich or heavy as they always vomited with it.

The lady where I bought the Science diet says that all the vets in my town even the vet I take my cats too recommend Science diet. My cats love it and occasionally I give them a small amount of fancy feast as a treat and some of the whiskas temptation treats.

They seem to be doing well on it.

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