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Radio question of the day: 01/23/07

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Do you ever wear a hat?
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Just the one I have to wear at work.
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I have TONS of hats.... I can really rock a hat!
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Yes I do!
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Nope, they just don't look good on me.
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To sporting events. And I am sure to take it off during the National Anthem. Else Belinda would smack me in the back of the head.
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Yes, I love hats!
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Nope, I look like a total goof!
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Nope. I look terrible in hats. Visors are ok and the beanie things are ok too. But baseball hats, cow boy hats and any other hat is out of the question!
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Only winter hats when it's really cold outside!
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Yep... I have a baseball hat with a pirate ship on it.

To be honest it's DH, but I use it from time to time.
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OH YES!!!!!!
I have about 15-20 baseball hats -only about 4 get regular use. Lots of other hats too-I just bought another one (a bucket hat) a couple of weeks ago.
Plus I wear one outside while gardening.
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I look pretty cute in a ball cap-picture all that hair in a ponytail out the back anywoo, I hardly wear them though because a. its not very professional to wear them at work, and b. they make me itch at my scalp line
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RARELY. I own a cowboy hat and a ballcap or two. I wear them only when I'm going to be outdoors a lot in extreme sun or cold.
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Hardly ever, although if we are going on a trip, I always throw a visor in (I have them to match my outfits) to keep the sun off my face!
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Not for me, thanks!
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Baseball cap never leaves my head, I have about fifteen but atm my Cornish flag cap is favourite...
I suspect Epona threw my favourite cap away
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I have a hat for the sun, but had to buy it in the men's department because women's sized hats don't fit.

Otherwise, no. Me, mom, and sis do not look good in hats. On one occasion Mom and sis were shopping for a hat because sister's friend was getting married in a Catholic church and a hat was required (1960s). They tried several but each one made them laugh harder and harder. Finally they stopped and noticed they had a attracted a crowd and a store employee was bearing down with a concerned look. They made a hasty retreat.

When Mom was a young woman in the 40s and 50s and hats were almost always required, she would take a flower from her garden (or a fake one) and wrap some tulle with it. Several women admitted they were jealous because they couldn't get away with that look.
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Sometimes my Ford Trucks baseball cap.

I used to never leave the house without a hat on, of course, I had no hair then, so my old hats don't fit me now.

LOL here's a very old pic of me dressed for a casual date
(yes, that's Spaz at my feet)
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Do you ever wear a hat?
Nope, I just dont loook right in a hat.
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I don't have a hat head....but I've stolen a few of DH's winter hats.
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I wear many hats Susie there just not ones you can see No really I don't but I do like then on some people
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I'm a big hat fan. Baseball cap in summer, woolen hat in winter.
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In cold weather I wear a woolen scarf.
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Never. my mother said that I started pulling my hats off before I was a year old and trying to get me to put one on is murder. Once in a while if it's extremely cold out I'll pull my hood up but never a hat.
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Only when I'm going to be sitting in the sun, like at a football game. Or when it's cold out
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Only when I lived in the mountains. Don't remember what it was called, but it was crocheted and kept my head and ears warm!
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When it's freezing cold or boiling hot, then I wear a hat.
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I wear baseball caps in the Summer around the house running in and out of town and on the weekends. I can't rally wear one at work.
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