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people food question

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Like every other cat, I guess, our Wigglesis seems convinced that anything served atop the dining room table is superior to what he's got in his bowl in his kitchen. Sometimes I'm tempted to give him a "people treat" (in his own dish of course) - but then I worry that it would be bad for him There's a thread going in the "Cat Lounge" about the weird things cats eat, and it left me wondering. I can pretty much guess that some of that stuff (potato chips, ice cream, etc.) must be as bad for cats as it is for people - but some folks are saying that such unlikely foodstuffs as rice and lettuce are really OK. (I'm kind of hoping that if we give him his own little portion he'll leave us alone at dinner time!)

So what's the real scoop on people food for cats - the good, the bad, and the ugly? Are cooked meats OK? (What if there's gravy?) Yogurt? Cheese? (He's always trying to get his nose in that) And how about eggs? I eat only whites for health reasons, and I hate to see all those yolks go down the drain.)

Any thoughts?
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I don`t feed my cat cat food at all, only dry food that is available to him all the time.You asked if it is heathy for cat to give "peoples" food.Eggs are very good.You can give yolks to your cat rare separated from whites.The whole egg cat can eat if it´s boiled.Don´t give whites rare, it destroys cats own vitamin-B!You can give your cat cheese.Cottage cheese is very good and my cat loves it!All kind of milk products are ok if they are low lactose products.Boiled meat is good too.My cat loves rare minced meat.You just have to remember to freeze it before serving it.(kills bacteries).Don´t give fish more than twice a week.Crop products are good to cat, like boiled rice and oatflakes.Here is one cat food you can make yourself.(and they love this!)
Rafaelo´s meatloaf:
500 grams minced meat
1 egg
2 desilitres water
1 desilitres oakflakes
100 grams liver

Bake 40 minutes in oven.
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Chocolate and onions can kill your cat, as I understand it in any quantity.

Be careful to make sure garlic is in only very very very very very small quantities, but probably should be avoided.

We feed teeeny portions of chicken and beef occasionally as treats. Anything else is because we dropped it at some point and the kitties got there first! (Except for the green tea, which we catch him drinking out of our glasses from time to time).
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I would just be careful that he doesn't decide he wants people food instead of his own food. He won't get enough nutrition from people food and if he goes too long without eating "his" food it could cause health problems.
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I knew that onion is dangerous to a cat but I didn`t know about chocolate.One of my cats allways begs for chocolate and I have given it to her! But she has allways been heathy and is 11 years old now!I agree that you shouldn`t give your cat a food from your own plate.But I don`t think it is healthy to a cat to give only "factory made"cat food.They need to have fresh meat and boiled fish.You can give them boiled carrots mixed with minced meat or add some boiled rice.Remember that cats need fresh water all the time!
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